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Tell me about your Elric or Stormbringer campaigns.

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  • Tell me about your Elric or Stormbringer campaigns.

    I am prepairing a Stormbringer adventure for my gaming group and was wondering if any of you would like to tell me about your campaigns or sessions. I would like to know how many people in your group what kind of characters and so on.

    My idea so far is for a 6 game session adventure. The story is of a town in Argimiliar that was attacked about twenty years ago. The army that attacked was an army of the dead. The town was successfuly defended with the aid of a local man who is learned in the arts of sorcery. He wields a quarterstaff that is enchanted with a power to destroy the undead. After the war he retired to his house deep in the hills to study the artifacts he found during the war. no one knows where this army had come from and with the heavy losses they took they were in no shape to find out.

    At present, the town is bigger and prepared for another attack from this mysterious foe. Of course their time has come to defend the town again.
    The players must make a choice of finding the old hero, intercept the army or find the source of this Chaotic horde.

    There is more to this adventure but this is the basic outline. What do you think? Let me know about your sessions. I am interested in others ideas.

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    Do I have to register to reply?

    I would be interested in telling you about a bizarre Stormbringer adventure/campaign I am conducting with four friends of mine
    as players....

    ...would you be interested in hearing that?

    Let me know,




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      Yeah that would be great. I am starting my adventure after Easter. i will be posting my sessions here.