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EC miniatures

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  • EC miniatures

    Wouldn't a range of EC miniatures for wargaming and RPG'ing be great? I kniow there have been some made in the past but there's no dedicated range at the moment.

    Just think... the various Champions, their companions, main characters... even in some cases whole armies (I'm thinking Elric and Hawkmoon's worlds respectively).

    Personally I reckon that Rackham (the folks who sculpt the Confrontation/Ragnarok models) would really do the subject matter justice.

    Any thoughts?

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    I agree sturmhalo. French sculptors Rackham have great style and character:

    Although Reaper also (Werner Klocke and Sandra Garrity etc) produce some excellent work:

    There's a Spanish company called Gamezone who produce some stylish miniatures as well:


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      I've never been too impressed with US sculptors in general (of course there are always exceptions). The US market seems quite happy with rather dated sculpting styles (models mounted on broccoli with Farah Fawcet hair). Werner Klocke's work is really good, but I think the French guys at Rackham have an edge to their sculpting that many now try to emulate.


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        Citadel - now Games Workshop - did have a good range for Elric, way way back in the eighties. I still have Dyvim Slorm and Count Smiorgan Baldhead, painted up and sitting on the shelf. I've got a Conan figure too - based on the cover of the Lancer edition of Conan the Adventurer. I seem to remember painting up airfix romans as Yisselda's white tigers in my youth (teens that is), I'd probably be better off trying to forget that!
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          One of my favorite lines was the Heartbreaker minis. Their Dark Elf stuff
          really had a Melnibonean feel - especially Chaz Elliot's Dark Elf Lord. by
          scale he was about 7 ft tall, had a nice greatsword, some cool armour, and
          an eyepatch rivetted to his skull.

          I wish I could find the mini so I could repaint it yet again. We still have yet
          to fully unpack from our relocation to San Diego.

          (edit) I just noticed Chaz now sculpts for Reaper !!

          (edit) Ahh, found a picture online:


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            Hey I see what you mean! That is very melnibonean in aspect - to my imagination - and would fit in well alongside the GW stuff. That's a nice looking fig. I'd like to have a go at painting one of those. Thanks for the pic link!
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              EC Miniatures from 1985

              Hello All,

              I have enjoyed Mr. Moorcock's books since 1977. I have purchased the RPG's over the years and in 1985 bought the Eternal Champion Miniatures from Citadel. I never touched them with paint and only Urlik was damaged. (Damn stand opening was too small and his legs too skinny.) I was going to put this up on ebay but noticed that the going rate is somewhere between $195-$295 for the box. Are these miniatures that rare?

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                Originally posted by Alto Banor
                I was going to put this up on ebay but noticed that the going rate is somewhere between $195-$295 for the box. Are these miniatures that rare?
                Hi Alto Banor. In a word, yes. I doubt if you'd get the higher amount, because of the damage to one of the figures. There seems to be a good collectors market for the older boxed sets. That would be the price for a full set in the box, I assume.
                GW still make the older models to order, if you call them direct and ask about individual models by code, they'll give you a price for the casting! They don't make the boxes anymore, hence the good ebay prices for the original article!
                I'd keep them for a few more years, if the Elric movie takes off, GW might contract (like LOTR) to make figures for it, and push the price up higher, unless you want the cash now of course! Good luck if you do put them up for auction - put them in today and catch the Christmas money! Ha ha!
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