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GURPS Elric / Eternal champion

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    I still hold that, with some work, RM could work for Elric. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it could work. But I'm an RM fan. I would also happily adapt it to Exalted. Kyrinn would enjoy playing Elric with T&T. We play what we like, and conform the world of Elric to our vision of it.
    Which is precisely how it should be. Mind you, the one real exception is F.A.T.A.L, which shouldn't be used for anything save toilet paper.


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      Originally posted by J-Sun View Post
      Originally posted by Clangador View Post
      I had some real big fun playing the Stormbringer RPG. Good times. I'd rather see it converted to Rolemaster myself...
      Good heavens yes!!!

      Dream magic = mentalism
      Elemental magic = Essence
      Priestly/godly magic = channeling
      Ancient Melnibonean pacts - Arcane

      It fits quite nicely in many ways. Of course, I think that makes someone like Elric who casts all 3 realms and fights well a difficult class to make (as I don't think there are any semi-arcane spell-users), but I guess you could make one. Call it the Dragon Lord or something.
      Very interesting analysis !


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        My own system


        I've recently published my own universal system here in Argentina. The rpg market here is small so it was basically a one man job (I did everything except illustrations). It is starting to sell very slowly, although with very favorable comments. I'm planing an english translation for 2011!!!

        The system is inspired by BRP in its simplicity. Its a simple roll under system with some twists. Everything is resolved with a single d10 roll. There are no upper limits to characteristics or skills, with no automatic success. It works with effort points. Each effort point becomes a -1 penalty for that skill check but means the action was performed in a better, faster or more efficient way.

        For example, in combat a single d10 roll and the effort your PC made determines if you hit your enemy, how well or strong and how much damage (weapons have fixed damage which increases by making effort in attacks) he makes. Also an attack with more effort makes defense harder, by the same effort points used in the attack.

        The system also includes 4 emotions that affect each player. These are Fear, Greed, Lust and Rage. Each PC and NPC has 4 control skills that are put to test in some situations, giving way to unexpected and surprising events, plus it makes more experienced characters have more control in extreme situations than rookies.

        For those who understand spanish, you can visit the system's webpage at where you can download a fully playable lite version.

        I'm also developing a diceless system which could fit very well for Eternal Champion games.

        Sorry for my english!! I promess I'll be getting better.


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          Originally posted by el_octogono View Post

          It is a real pleasure to see that RPG paper continue to live across the world !
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            I created "Engame: Aftermath", a fantasy RPG primarlily to change the nature of character generation; it happens in-game in response to events and cuts out the boring number crunching stuff pre-game... and power-players maxing out characters just can't happen. Not sure how well it would handle Elric and co. as it wasn't built for it, but I'm now curious enough to run a game and find out... I think E:A is maleable enough... more principles than rules...

            Apart from Weak (physically), what stats would Elric need to define him? I remember a lot of 'trying to remember' summonings, reminders of pacts made, so a Memory stat... (in E:A you only have a stat if it defines the character, if it's important... no sense being Muscular if you aren't, after all).

            I now have an excuse to re-read all the Elric books.
            Considering it has taken 49 years to become 'not a complete ass,' I wonder if I shall ever become 'wise?'


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              Originally posted by J-Sun View Post
              ... Of course, I think that makes someone like Elric who casts all 3 realms and fights well a difficult class to make (as I don't think there are any semi-arcane spell-users), but I guess you could make one. Call it the Dragon Lord or something.
              The odd thing about rolemaster is that classes like Duelist aren't beter at fighting, they just need to spend less points to be able to do so.

              So... you could make Elric a hybrid Essence/Arcane user, who just buys 2 ranks/level of greatsword (he isn't ususally described as a multi skilled combatent the same way as some other ECs or companions)


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                GURPS Eternal Champion

                Ive ran several GURPS games based on the Eternal Champions, Elric, Urlik, and Hawkmoon. Its very doable more so than any other system due to GURPS' flexibility. If you want to bounce ideas, yell.