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Anyone know how to repair miniatures?

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  • Anyone know how to repair miniatures?

    I bought a set of Eternal Champion miniatures off Ebay about a month ago. Got the whole set for $40, which was pretty cool because I've seen the individual figures go for about $20 each. I had them on my dresser. My cat or someone knocked them over the other day, and I discovered that poor old Urlik Skarsol had weak ankles, because he broke right off at the base!!! I just checked a gaming minis website, and a replacement Urlik would indeed be $20, as its a rare figure.

    Anyone know if I can glue him back to his feet, or should I solder, or what should I do?

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    I am assuming you mean 25mm style lead figures. If they are old fashioned lead style deffinately glue, epoxy resin is great, any heat and they just melt away. If you can get a drill small enough drill holes and put a pin in can be a good way to, very tricky though. You could go to the next cojunction and nip into the parrell world world were it didn't get broken. Hope the advice is of some help.
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      Thanks so much! I'll try glue.


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        Figures i dont know. Now if you needed your color photocopier fixed, thats a different story.


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          Likewise, if you needed help on getting a mortgage, I could answer your questions!


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            Dobbie suggestions are all good. I would try to "pin" (drill holes and then place some wire and then glue), if possible, the min back together to provide for some support.


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              The suggestions already made are probably your best bet, but if they don't work after all, perhaps Corum could make a tiny pair of prosthesis.

              One more idea (serious this time): There is a product used by people who make dollhouse miniatures, and I can't recall the name of it but they use it as "water" in fountains and pools. I think it is some sort of acrylic resin. If gluing or pinning doesn't work, you could hold the figure together by encasing it in the acrylic.
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                While the name may well be anathema here Games Workshop sell a glue for assembling their lead/alloy minatures that might do the trick.


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                  If they are metal try a welding iron and/or soldar . Wood burnong irons(Pyrography) and heated / electric knives/ irons would work just as well.