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Working on a Miniature Diorama

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  • Working on a Miniature Diorama

    Im putting together a diorama of a scene from The Sailor on the Seas of Fate: Sailing To The Past. The scene will be where Elric, Smiorgan, and Duke Astran are at the banks of a river fighting off a horde of Olab.

    Here are the miniatures Im using(note that these are reference pics, not my paint jobs, Ive merely primed them so far).

    Ill be of course painting him as an albino, probably in green like the cover of Sailor on the Seas of Fate. Im also replacing one sword with a runesword, and the other I am removing.

    I think this guy was a perfect representation of Smiogan. I won't be changing anything, except the colors of his clothes.

    Duke Avan Astran
    Im not sure this is the best representation of Duke Astran, but he looks like an adventuring sort of fellow.

    I won't be putting them together with the shield.

    All these miniatures, except the Olab are from Reaper. The Olab are actually Saurus Warriors from Games Workshop's Warhammer.

    Basically Im going to have the edge of the scene the bank of the river with the Olab running through, while our three heroes stand defiant, ready for battle.

    Any suggestions, or comments? Ill add pictures once I get a bit further along.


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    I look forward to seeing your diorama Nomadik. :P


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      Very cool! I'd like to see it as well.

      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock