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Stormbringer PC mod? are there any other soulblade mods?

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  • twistedme
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    • Feb 2004
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    Stormbringer PC mod? are there any other soulblade mods?

    Hell it cant do any sweet jumps but I bet the Ladiez dig it :)

    [broken link]

    I found this while reading through this tomshardware article.
    [broken link]

    heres the blurb that goes with the above pic link.

    The best in show as well as first prize in the custom went to Hobbes with Stormbringer. It is a case designed around a set of books by Michael Moorcock. The main character Elric wields a sword called Stormbringer. With over 500 individual pieces and 2 years of work into making the system, it is easy to see why this won first prize.

    bah I just did a google

    and half way down I see that the maker has already added it to this fine site :)
    Gratz on the the win Hobbes. Im sure free pc stuff is cool but having m say he likes it must have been the best award of all.

    [broken link]

    This got me thinikibg has anyone else based any noteworthy mods on the old soul stealer? (and no you cant link pictures of your wife/husband/soulmate)
    Ive always wanted to mod something with a soulblade theme ever since reading about the EC weapon as different items other then a sword.
    I've just havent been able to really put a plan together.

    Over the years I thought of some form of car mod either the whole car as 1 blade or using racing stripes (works with the 2 blade concept)
    at first back in the day I was thinking air brushing ruins but lately I was thinking some form of laser cut ruins with neon light coming through. could do layers of cut metal to get a either sunk in or raised up look.
    Ive always thought an old 3rd gen f-body Camaro or Pontiac would wok nicely say a 81 Z28.
    but Im a slacker and will probably never get to this type of dream product.

    but hell if anyone reads this far down lets start a section to post these sorts of things if they actually exist out in the realworld
    LAterz :P
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