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Wargaming in the Multiverse!

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  • Wargaming in the Multiverse!

    Eternal Forum-members,

    I am new to this incarnation of Tanelorn and was wondering - has there ever been a drive to create miniature wargame rules based on the Multiverse? Are there any legal issues surrounding such a non-commercial project?

    I'd like to start on the battles in the Corum Saga. I have a D12 fantasy wargaming engine - the Warhost engine - ready to go. But I would need help compiling the armies (which units to put in, how strong they would be in relation to one another, and so forth).

    Is anyone interested in helping out? All totally free and non-commercial, a labour of love, to spread Mike's work to distant shores.

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    I love that idea, I'd love to take a look at your game engine if you don't mind sharing it

    I know Games Workshop used to have a number of Elric miniatures ages ago, like in the 80s or something, but I don't think there ever was a game system specifically for the Elric series - would be awesome to create something like that!

    As long as it is all kept non-commercial I don't see why you couldn't make an Elric/multiverse game. I know some people have already made their own versions of Elric inspired games.


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      Hey Tordenskjold,

      If you drop me a PM I'll send you the quickstart version of my game-engine!

      When I think about it I'm more worried from an 'artistic' aspect rather than a 'legalistic' one! I think I'm quite a 'purist' when it comes to this kind of thing. For me to be involved the entire project would have to be made up using lore and quotes from the actual Eternal Champion canon, with us just working purely on rules. It would have to be as accurate as possible too!

      I also feel that Elric, Corum and so on are sacred! I honestly couldn't role-play as such characters, they are best left immortalized in novel-form IMO :)