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Elric for Freedom Force!

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  • Elric for Freedom Force!

    Well, I accidentally posted this in the Q&A section of the website, not seeing this area...

    As I said there, Kommando and I are part of a community that makes meshes, skins, mods, etc for the 2002 RTS/RPG game Freedom Force, and it's upcoming sequal Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich. Being a mesher, I couldn't resist recently breaking open my copy of 3DS Max, and creating what you see below:

    And, as I said there, the meshes and such that I make are available free to anyone, no charges of any kind apply.

    If Mr Moorcock says "Cease and desist!", this mesh will never see the light of day. If he says, "Go ahead!", then it'll be available when it's complete.

    I'd just love to hear what he says about it one way or the other, though...

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    Thats an Awesome skin! Is Stormringer Functional?


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      It's not just a skin, it's a full mesh. And yes, in the animations I'm working on, he swings Stormbringer around with an almost wild abandon.

      As I said, it's for the Superhero game, Freedom Force, so many of Stormbringer's more notable... functions... won't be able to be EXACTLY simulated... but close enough...


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        As some of you may have figured out, Val and I are friends and sitemates so far as Freedom Force stuff goes. He sent me a beta of the skin to work on. This is going to take me quite a while, but here is a preview.

        This is still a work in progress. I don't have the 3d rendering and modelling tools that Val has, so I have to make my skin using Paint Shop Pro in 2d using Val's wireframes as a guideline. Since I have to draw it from scratch, its going to take me quite a while longer. As you can see I still need to finish drawing the face, adding eyebrows and getting the hair colour and lips right. I'll probably skin the armour so it looks more reminiscent of his black armour. That part shouldn't take me as long. The head should be done sometime this week. I'll post my progress as it comes along.
        Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."


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          As a comparison, here's the face I worked up for the mesh:


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            Man i may need to get this game when the New one Comes out. Itll Function in that as well right?


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              Well, Irrational Games mentioned that they may be putting out a converter so that meshes from Freedom Force will work with the sequel. Since Valandar is a mesher, he will likely be able to make a working version regardless.

              As for the Freedom Force game, it can pretty much be found in the bargain bin of certain game stores for around Am $10. Its definitely worth the buy for the amount of free material which is available online. Though keep in mind that current the game has compatibility problems with Microsoft XP's Servce Pack 2.

              Valandar and myself are members of a site called New Power Inc. You can see examples of our work there. Member of the Freedom Force community produce skins and meshes out of love for the game, and no one derives any profit for it. Such is the reason why he made the Elric mesh and why I am putting so much time into skinning it.

              Here is an update on my skin for Elric.

              I am hoping to finish the head and start work on the armour soon.
              Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."