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Corum rpg ?

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    Originally posted by Tammywilding View Post
    ...I always wondered what the differences between the Vadhagh, Eldren and Melniboneans really were... In one story it is hinted that the ageless Captain and Steersman of the Dark Ship may be related or even ancestors to the Melniboneans...
    You are not alone there - see here for example, and more here.

    As for the Captain and Steersman, The Quest For Tanelorn gives their own direct opinion as:
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      Corum rpg... i own it (in fact, i bought the Elric! rulebook alongside it, having ignored it after getting a hard time with the Stormbringer setting). As they told you, it has a lot of info, some of it created by the authors to fill in the gaps, which could or could not appeal to your taste. With this book you get things like:

      1) The concept of the "psychic society" of the nhadragh (which is something really disturbing for me), which imply that most of nhadragh physical belongings were made out of "solid thought", and it simply banished in the air once enough nhadragh got killed or degenerated.

      2) Rules for all the "old races": vadhagh, nhadragh, rhagga-da-ketta and (surprisingly enough) shalafen

      3) A new, highly unbalanced magic system (as they told earlier, every spell you create mutates your character from the very first one, so there are not much PCs going to learn magic)

      4) A "Contrivance" system, a sort of "Law magic" or rules for vadhagh and nhadragh superscience

      There are some erratas in the book (like vadhagh throwing axes doing the same damage as a two-handed sword or shalafen being 500 people instead of the fifty in the books), and the adventures are almost comedies. Also, bear in mind that it contains almost no info on the second trilogy (aside from the stats for the Hounds of Kerenos), but anyway it is worth the money.


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        Originally posted by David Mosley View Post

        Doesn't it look like a witch's head to you?
        Looks like a leg of lamb to me, but then I'm hungry.
        "Never get so attached to a poem
        you forget truth that lacks lyricism"
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          There's a very nice map of Corum's world, by a member of this forum, here:

          Cornwall has been used as the basis.
          "Never get so attached to a poem
          you forget truth that lacks lyricism"
          Joanna Newsom


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            does anyone know if you need the Elric rpg to play this or is the book complete in itself?