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A Multiverse RTS

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    A Multiverse RTS

    Does anyone think this would be a cool idea?

    You could have Order and Chaos as sides, and maybe a Balance force to round things out. The great thing is that you could have a mix of fantasy units (Melnibonean warriors for chaos say), and sci-fi units (the chaos engineers). The battlefields could be varied as the imagination, since a multiversal scale battle could occur just about anywhere. Resource management could be tactical (like in the upcoming Warhammer 40k RTS)- you have to control tactical points on the board to be allocated more resources with which to build.

    As you progressed up the tech tree, you'd eventually be able to summon powerful hero units (Corum for Order for instance), and then aspects of gods, demons and elementals.

    The main focus for Chaos would be on summoning massive hoards, although they would have access to powerful champion type units. Order would focus more on high cost, but powerful unit types to offset the hordes of Chaos. The Balance force could be played either way effectively.

    Just some thoughts. I'm drooling at the prospect of such a game, made by say Blizzard or Relic. Sure, it might not make sense within the context of the actual stories, but who cares? It would be fun! But Chaos would have all the best stuff, probably- who wouldn't want to pair Theleb Karna with the beast masked warriors of Gran Bretan, preferably against Hawkmoon and a band of goody two shoes paladins?