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Stormbringer! - Interview with Lawrence Whitaker

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  • Stormbringer! - Interview with Lawrence Whitaker

    An interview with Lawrence Whitaker ~ Line Developer of Mongoose Publishing’s Eternal Champion line and full time author. With a long and proud history writing for Chaosium and now Mongoose, Lawrence (Loz to his friends) talks to Stormbringer! about the past, present and future of the property!

    Stormbringer! -
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    Well worth the read JBB - particularly the painful life of Hawkmoon, much of which was news to me.

    And then of course, there are the enticements for the future:
    Originally posted by Lawence Whitaker
    The intention is to also deal with other aspects of the Eternal Champion – Erekose, von Bek, Bastable, Cornelius and so on. Not sure how this will work; some of those names lend themselves to fully-fledged sourcebooks better than others. But they will receive attention in some shape or form, and I will have a major hand in their shape and direction.
    I’d personally love to do something based on Gloriana. It’s my favourite Moorcock book (barring Elric, obviously), but I doubt that that will see light of day for quite a while yet.
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