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Semi Final 1

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  • Semi Final 1

    The Cornelius Quartet
    The Final Programme; The English Assassin; A Cure for Cancer; The Condition of Musak

    The Sleeping Sorceress; The Revenge of the Rose; The Stealer of Souls; Kings in Darkness; Caravan of Forgotten Dreams; Stormbringer
    The Cornelius Quartet

    The poll is expired.

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    I like all of these stories but the Quartet as a single volume is just too formidable.


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      All season I've been voting for Stormbringer on the basis of Stormbringer but Jerry has his own version in the form of A Cure for Cancer and that - combined with masterpiece that is The English Assassin - means that the Quartet gets my vote in this round.
      _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
      _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
      _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
      _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


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        Its a shoe in for Jerry and those pesky time centre kids.
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        Hunter S Thompson


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          Got to go for JC. Stormbringer is a great novel, but I'm not sold on the collection.

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            Jerry again. I've not voted for Elric in any of the rounds and there is nothing to change that here.
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              JC for me, especially if its the US Avon paperback...
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                While the Quartet are more "literary" books, I enjoyed Stormbringer more (particularly RofT) so, with the votes as they currently stand, this semi might actually turn into a match...!