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Semi Final draw

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  • Semi Final draw

    SF 1

    The Cornelius Quartet
    The Final Programme; The English Assassin; A Cure for Cancer; The Condition of Musak

    The Sleeping Sorceress; The Revenge of the Rose; The Stealer of Souls; Kings in Darkness; Caravan of Forgotten Dreams; Stormbringer

    SF 2

    A Nomad of the Time Steams
    The Warlord of the Air; The Land Leviathan; The Steal Tsar

    Dancers at the End of Time
    An Alien Heat; The Hollow Lands; The End of All Songs

  • #2
    The boy Elric done good and has took his chance to sneak into the semis after a shakey quarter final win in extra time. He's lucky it didn't go to penalties like the previous round or he might have got disqualified. Killing two referees in a row would not have been tolerated by the authorities.

    Piles of unread books for goalposts, eh?

    If the semis both go to form the final's going to be a classic.