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Match 70 Mother London vs The Warlord of the Air

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    ML. I like Bastable, but ML is just an amazing tome.
    Kevin McCabe
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      Again, no contest in terms of literary ambition, depth, characterisation, and many other aspects, so it's gotta be ML.

      I've missed this for a couple of weeks - what happened to Gloriana this year?! Just shows how things change, chaos is constant...
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        Glory came up against Warlord of the Air and lost a close-fought match in Round 2, zakt. Came as a bit of a surprise after last year!
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          Originally posted by johneffay View Post
          No contest.

          Are you listening J-Sun? I said no contest!
          I think I agree....
          This sucks, as these are my two favorite MM books. It`s like having to vote which of your kids you love the most.

          ML is the superior book. It`s a more sophisticated style, and it deserves to win.

          That said, I voted for Warlord. While I think ML could and should win any and every year it runs, I think Bastable will get far fewer chances at the title, so I`d love to see him get it just once. So yeah, despite the fact that ML should win, I want to see Warlord win.
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          --Contessa Rose von Bek, Blood part 4, chapter 12


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            Originally posted by J-Sun View Post
            That said, I voted for Warlord.


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              The resilience of Bastible is remarkable! I thought this would be a push-over, but apparently not.

              Bastible has picked up a lot more votes in the last 48hrs: with only a day left to go, can ML hold out?