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Round 3 Results

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  • Round 3 Results

    Here's the damage:

    The Condition of Muzak 19 The English Assassin 17
    The Sword and the Stallion 15 The End of All Songs 26
    Elric of Melnibone 29 The King of the Swords 14
    Behold the Man 21 The Mad God's Amulet 20
    Mother London 24 The Knight of the Swords 16
    The Warlord of the Air 29 The Sleeping Sorceress 13
    Stormbringer 33 The Jewel in the Skull 10
    The Final Programme 35 A Cure for cancer 26

    Home team advantage certainly paid off in this, the last round before the finals, with only the Dancers strong performance against a struggling Corum resulting in the only away win of the round.

    Corum was the big loser of this round with all losses against a mighty Mother London and a dominant Elric.

    Hawkmoon also bows out with losses against a very strong showing from Stormbringer and a nail biter with Karl Glogaur.

    A blistering performance from Bastable sees one of the three remaining Elrics bow out with a decisive victory over The Sleeping Sorceress.

    The Cornelius home derbies were bound to leave a pair of Cornelii - the book end volumes of The Final Programme and The Condition of Muzak both make it through.

    So, it's on to the Semi Finals, with members only voting. Depending upon the draw, anyone could make it through to the Round of 4 (who would be 1)....
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    A remarkable battle between D'Avrec - a.k.a. Hawkmoon - and Glogaur there. Perhaps next year for the quickly-written-one?