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Round 2 Results

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  • Round 2 Results

    33 The Champion of Garathorm 7 Elric of Melnibone 36
    34 The Steel Tsar 18 The Mad God's Amulet 50
    35 Behold the Man 24 Una Perrson and Catherine Cornelius 16
    36 Byzantium Endures 22 The King of the Swords 24
    37 King of the City 16 The Final Programme 22
    38 Mother London 28 The Eternal Champion 22
    39 The Skrayling Tree 12 The Condition of Muzak 29
    40 The Quest for Tanelorn 17 The Sword and the Stallion 25
    41 The Ice Schooner 13 The Jewel in the Skull 21*
    42 The Fortress of the Pearl 15 The Knight of the Swords 31
    43 Queen of the Swords 21 The End of All Songs 30
    44 The Sleeping Sorceress 27 The Sailor on the Seas of Fate 23
    45 Jerusalem Commands 14 A Cure for Cancer 25
    46 An Alien Heat 21 Stormbringer 28
    47 The English Assassin 29 The Land Leviathan 15
    48 Gloriana 24 The Warlord of the Air 26

    *Final Score of Tiebreaker Round

    What a Round! - The Queen is Dead, long live the....? Bastable's only success this round was in defeating the reigning champion. From a dirigable no less!

    Elric, Corum and Hawkmoon all continue on to the next round with strong performances, while Erekose bows out to a solid game from Mother London.

    In a reverse of last year's form, all 4 Cornelius' make it through to next round, toppling King of the City, a Pyat (Jerusalem Commands), a Bastable (Land Leviathan) and an Elric (Skrayling Tree).

    Surprise losers of this round, apart from HRH, include Pyat whose narrow loss at the hands of Corum (and Mabelode) shocked many (well, this commentator at least)!

    The Dancers at the End of Time continue with a strong effort in defeating a resurgent Corum (and Xiombarg).

    So, we enter the last round with unregistered voting before the final series and the game is wide open. Are we looking at a renaissance of sword and sorcery, or will the literary big guns fire back? Only time can tell.....
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    Yeah i think it looks like a strong resurgence in the earlier sword and sorcery stuff.
    50 votes for Mad Gods Amulet is pretty impressive.
    The defeat of all the Pyat books this early is a bit of a turn up not to mention the now ex-champs demise.
    Great stuff!
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      Can you believe King of the City is out? Gloriana and the Dancers? When will this madness end?

      "Long live the king!"

      "Not this time."
      Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


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        All four JC books, Mother London and BtM give me some faith in democracy here, but no Pyat - tut, tut... And sorry to see the Queen go, obviously... But nice to see Stormbringer and Bastable still hanging tough!

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          A remarkable victory for Bastible vs. HRH. Particularly as he's likely to be such a royalist by nature!


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            Originally posted by Rothgo View Post
            A remarkable victory for Bastible vs. HRH. Particularly as he's likely to be such a royalist by nature!
            I love Bastable, and while I hated to see him up against HRH, I am thrilled he could unseat the incumbent.
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              May I just say, Corum for the win?
              Amid Chaos, Order arises; but even in Order there is Chaos.

              Understands now that Corum did have a happy ending after all!