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Round 2 - Half Time Scores

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  • Round 2 - Half Time Scores

    Half Time Scores are as follows:

    Match 33 - Behold the Man 10 The Chinese Agent 3
    Match 34 - Warlord of the Air 6 Warhound and the World's Pain 6
    Match 35 - Gloriana 10 Dreamthiefs Daughter 2
    Match 36 - End of All Songs 11 Jerusalem Commands 0
    Match 37 - Fabulous Harbours 4 The Quest for Tanelorn 6
    Match 38 - The Jewel in the Skull 10 Blood 2
    Match 39 - King of the Swords 4 City in the Autumn Stars 7
    Match 40 - An Alien Heat 8 Brothel in Rossenstrasse 7
    Match 41 - Skrayling Tree 5 Pheonix in Obsidian 6
    Match 42 - Elric of Melnibone 5 The Black Corridor 5
    Match 43 - The Eternal Champion 10 Queen of the Swords 2
    Match 44 - King of the City 5 The English Assassin 6
    Match 45 - Vanishing Tower 2 Stormbringer 10
    Match 46 - The Bull and the Spear 6 The Condition of Muzak 6
    Match 47 - The Laughter of Carthage 0 The Vengeance of Rome 9
    Match 48 - Mother London 7 Knight of the Swords 5

    Some good strong performances so far with Karl Glogauer, Gloriana, The Dancers, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Elric and Pyat (Rome) all but guaranteed to progress to Round 3. Potentially three matches will go to penalty shoot outs/tie breakers - perhaps more as there are a couple of tight games in progress - will Jerry make it throught to Round 3? Will Corum? Can an establishment of certain repute pull off a dramatic climax....?

    A penalty shoot out will be a new poll open for 1 day, in which I will not vote. In the event of another draw, I will cast the decider.

    The next round will also be shorter - 4 days - given that the round will be half the size and it seems that most people vote early...
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