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    Originally posted by Una Persson View Post
    Yeah but you could say the same for most of the other evil characters too, after all the balance swings both ways. In terms of loss of life Erekose is up there with Glandyth-a-Krae - in fact he tried to commit 2 genocides and completed one, and the main difference was that he did it for love instead of hate. Many would argue love is often the most destructive emotion. I'm not a fan, out of all the 'Champions' he is the most lacking in honour and moral compass and he's mostly a big whiny baby with a big sword.
    Well to be fair, again, Erekose is the only aspect who truly understands their fate, and in some instances the vast knowledge of the truth of his existence seems to cause him actual physical pain. Constant physical pain can degrade one's humanity.

    Also Glandyth is the minion of the Chaos Lords as they try to overrule the balance, whereas in The Eternal Champion Erekose saves the Eldren from extermination,......admittedly by exterminating the humans, but ya know....omelettes....eggs......these things happen.

    Btw, don't take me too seriously,'ll only end in sneezing....