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  • Favourite Eternal Champion

    Who's your favourite Eternal Champion?
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    Clovis Marca?

    Simon of Byzantium?

    Jack Karaquazian?

    Michael Kane?


    Professor Faustaff?
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      Vote 'Elric' in '08!

      First of the EC stuff that I read.

      First Moorcock I read, actually.

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        Elric, the coolest soul sucking swordsman of all; spawner of countless imitations in online RPGs; some admins keep a tally, I hear.
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          I voted for von Bek (WHanWP one, though "Dreamthief's Daughter von Bek is a close second)

          If Count Brass had a been up there I would have had a real dilemma on my hands


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            Hawkmoon's the man.

            In the late 80s, when I started in the Multiverse, my favorite was always Corum Jhaelen Irsei-- I just loved him for his gentle, peaceful manner (even after the Mabden killed off not only his whole kin, but actually his whole race), his philosophic, cultivated bearing, his poethic, nay, romantic manner.

            But nowadays, I prefer Hawkmoon: I admire him for his willingness to fight evil the hard way, Evil, who allways is eager to bring suffering over the innocent, while refusing to be corrupted by it himself.


            • #7
              Why the Albino?

              Bastable. He flew airships. There is nothing cooler in the multiverse.

              Erm.. I'm new to the site and don't want to anger anyone but... Elric's a wet lettuce!

              Oh dear, sure I'm in trouble for that but I read his books after I read a few other champions and he just seemed like a sulky goth. I know he's incredibly significant in the multiversal span of things but he just aint as much fun as the rest of the Champions.

              Why does everyone love him so? If he was your first contact with Moorcock's work it makes a bit more sense but he just seems so run-of-the-mill to me. Was it that he was the first of his kind and everyone else has aped him since? I thought that one-man-heavy-destiny thing was as old as words.
              Please don't throw me off the site, I mean no offense, just curious.


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                Jerry C, for me! He's a complete rascal with very few redeeming features and a complete lack of morality. He's also a complete charmer and a bit of a mod, when it comes to clothes.

                Great stuff!

                Elric is indeed a wet lettuce, but that's part of his charm. you can just imagine him sitting down to a deep philosophical discourse, with Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, shortly before Stormbringer reaped their souls.

                Erikosé and Hawkmoon, for staunch and traditional Hero stuff.

                Jerek Carnelian for innocent abroad, stranger in strange land, fun, Candide-style, hero stuff.

                Lord Jagged of Canaria, for being the Daddy and Deus ex Moorcock, of them all. Is he perhaps, even, Arioch?


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                  To be honest, I think Elrik's somewhat overrated, too. Particulary by Mr Moorcock.

                  Michael Moorcock has created so many other heroes. And some of them are at least so memorable, so "classical" as Elrik-- I'm thinking of Jherreck, Corum, Hawkmoon & Erekose, of course.

                  But they tend to get treated as unwanted steepchildren-- especially by their own creator. Heck, they don't even get their own forums. I'd just love to see a Corum forum, a End of Time forum, etc. I think it'd encourage people to indulge into discussions about other aspects of Mike's work, too!


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                    Definitely agree with you there. Reckon most of Moorcock's best stuff has no, or only faint, connections to E.C. Plenty more to discuss.

                    Where's the Pyat forum?

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                      Elric+Stormbringer=Awesome. That's all I want to say.


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                        Well no offense taken for not realizing that everything else followed Elric and becasue you saw those things first it killed it for you, if you had read Kull before Conan who would be the less origanal? etc..

                        Elric only seems run of the mill to you because everything else ripped off his uniqueness by trying to be as anti-hero as the real original anti hero-"Elric was dark when there was only light" he isnt some fem prissy wanna be neck-biting vampire he killed his whole race for letting him down and following his cousin the only one he cared about died on his sword

                        In fairness I only really believe that the original 6 novels and some of the short stories are really worth reading, thats all there was when I read Elric 28 years ago and I believe that the additional stories ( dreamthiefs daughter, Revenge of the rose, etc ) only served to soften and lessen Elrics alien anti-hero appeal sorry there should be no soft feelings for that poor bastard after Cymoril is killed, he isnt the "forget and move on, things will get better type" also the new novels feel contrived and shoehorned in -bought and read them anyway-any Elric is better than any Robert Jordan LOL

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                          Its supercool Jerry for me with Corum a close second!
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                            Von Bek is probably my favorite champion. Though I love Dancers at the End of Time, I'm not especially big on Jherek Carnelian himself. There isn't much to him besides his puppy dog love, and I find many of his associates steal the novel (Jagged, Mongrove, Werther, Shark, etc.).
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                              Jerry C, for me. No question.
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