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    Another JC fan here too.
    I've read a little Elric, a little HawkMoon, a little EC... But have always dug JC.


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      Elric for me - the start of it all ...

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        Elric will always be my favorite because he was the original Anti-Hero. I agree with the post that stated he was dark when everything else was light. It may seem commonplace now, but when I read it and not to mention when it was written, there was nothing else like it.

        I must be old, I only consider some of those on this list to be incarnations of the Eternal Champion. I always put Jerry and Jerek in a different category.

        What about Urlik Skarsol or the original Champion - John Daker - you know the guy who became Erekose?

        Oh and for the record - Conan is SO much cooler than Kull and I am a huge Robert E. Howard fan as well.


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          Originally posted by Beyonder-Prime View Post
          Hawkmoon's the man.
          I admire him for his willingness to fight evil the hard way, Evil, who allways is eager to bring suffering over the innocent, while refusing to be corrupted by it himself.


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            Although I like the Corum series best, Elric is my favourite character. I guess that's because he's the one I can identify myself most with. And as amgraf says, for being the perfect anti-hero.


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              John Daker, the Everyman.

              This passage has reverberated in my memory for years:

              "....I began to dream. I dreamed of King Rigenos and Ermizhad, of Urlik Skarsol and all the other heroes I had been. And then I dreamed of dragons. Dragons whom I knew by name. Dragons who loved me as I loved them. And I dreamed of great fleets. Of wars. Of tragedies and of impossible delights, of wizardry and wild romance. I dreamed of white arms locked around me. I dreamed again of Ermizhad. And then I dreamed that we had come together again at last and I awoke laughing, remembering something of that dragon song which the Eldren women had sung."

              Yes, indeed.


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                It is not original : the white wolf.


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                  I like Corum most, 'cause against any odd or in any circumstance, he never abandons the right way.


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                    I voted Elric, as I find him the most interesting.
                    But closely followed by Corum who also has a lot of depth to his character.


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                      I gotta say its Elric for me. He was the first I read about. But my close second would be Erkose. To me he embodies the seeming randomness of the EC's nature.
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                        favourite EC?

                        Dorian Hawkmoon narrowly beats Elric of Melniboné for me. I like them all, and understand the idea of all the ECs being 'spirit touched' in the same passage, or being each others' past lives. My first MM exposure was Karl Glauguer as he sought his ultimate religious answers and ended up playing the part so well (Behold the Man), this opened up the whole religious engine for me and I saw how hollow most faith is.

                        Now I choose masques from the Multiverse because they're still the best ones...
                        'He's frozen in a timetrap,
                        Slowly losing power.
                        Frightened if he makes a move,
                        The dream will soon turn sour...'


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                          I suppose I like Bastable because he appears to be the most benign of the Champions although he still hauls that FATE around with him. I think of the Moorcock multiverse characters as Actitvists of Balance, and the time-staggering Bastable has the sweetist take on most situations.


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                            I think The Eternal Champion is a beautiful book. Back in '89/'90 I had the good fortune to meet Michael, and he signed my copy.

                            I like the fact that many of it's elements seem quite standard to the genre, until you think about them a little more, and realise just how alien it all is to most real world cultures.

                            I also used to have similar "dreams" to John Daker quite frequently in my youth, and I still have them now from time to time, so I identify quite strongly with John/Erekose.
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                              I voted for Jherek Carnelian, out of them all I think he is the most selfless.