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Favourite Moorcock 'Non-genre' Novel

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    Good Science Fiction

    Originally posted by David Mosley View Post
    In my mind, the JC novels are beginning to 'transcend' genre even if that's how they started out.
    For me the Cornelius books are the essence of what I like about science fiction. If a sf book is realy good and has literary qualities people tend to not call it sf anymore. I think that hurts the science fiction genre. If only the bad stuff is called science fiction no wonder that genre is regarded so low.

    I voted for The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the 20th Century. I love that very much. Jerry Cornelius cycling to the past. So funny.


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      Una and Catherine is of course wonderful, but The English Assassin is my favourite Jerry and me book.


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        The Entropy Tango is clearly science fiction to me. There's even power armour at one point. Actually I would consider half the stuff on this list sci-fi. The JC books involve time travel, futuristic weaponry and alternate universes.