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Technical Difficulties

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  • Walter Simonson
    Offhand, I can't think of any setbacks related to the project. Michael may have something he'd like to offer but from my end (and I think his), DC gave us the ball and told us to run with it and that was about it.

    The only real problem--not exactly a setback--is at my end. The work is taking considerably longer to complete than I had anticipated back at the beginning of everything. There are a lot of reasons for this but a key one is that I decided when I got started that I wanted to work twice up. That is, the original art is twice the size of the printed book. Most comics these days in the U.S. are drawn one and a half times bigger than printed size. (This varies a little here and there but in the main, it's the way U.S. comics are done.) And I've found that working twice up, which it's helping me create art that I'm fairly happy with (I'm never ecstatic about my own stuff), it's just a LOT slower than working a little smaller.

    I don't quite know why the time difference is so great except that I am putting a lot into each page. I believe Michael can vouch for that since he's seen most of them. Somehow, working bigger on this particular project, I seem to have upped the level of stuff I'm drawing rather than let the space speak for itself. Or something!

    Beats me.

    But I'm not producing finished art at the rates I've produced it in the past. On the other hand, I'm not displeased with the results so I'm just grateful that DC hasn't seen fit to laser beam me to a cinder during my epic struggles!



    PS: I hope to have a little more to say about this shortly.

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  • Whiskers
    started a topic Technical Difficulties

    Technical Difficulties

    Hopefully I'm not jinxing the project by asking this one, but what sort of setbacks have you experienced or are likely to experience? Do you have to work with project mangers? Is your editor a driving force on the project? Who is editing the project this time?