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  • Whiskers
    flying cat
    • Nov 2003
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    Reader Feedback

    If you want to voice your opinion, send a shout out or comment in some way feel free to leave a message here.

    Also, if you choose to participate in the poll, on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 is the best.
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  • DeeCrowSeer
    Eternal Champion
    • Feb 2004
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    Well, sadly I've only read the first issue so far, but I'm very eager to see more. The artwork is gorgeous, and it makes me happy in that special way that only beautifully strong black lines ever can. Top marks are also awarded to the colouring which, as Mr M observed in another thread, reflects the theme of the issue, and makes every page as pretty as... er... a picture. Although I've now reached the end of Stormbringer I'm still grateful that the story has gone right back to the beginning of Elric's adventures, and I'll be fascinated to see how The Dreaming City "evolves". Of course the writing is top-notch, and I especially loved that poor "monster's" lament as he fell in to the lava. I can't remember exactly what was said, but I was impressed by how much sadness seemed to be evoked by that parting shot, as Elric callously dashed away to complete his quest. Overall I think the issue worked perfectly as a "stand alone" piece, although obviously I'm mad keen to see how the story (and the civilisation) grows in the remaining three issues. I'm also a fan of the cover "concept", and will enjoy reducing future covers to my own cartoon-y level.

    So, to sum up, I liked it. :)
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    • Michael Moorcock
      Site Host
      • Dec 2003
      • 14278

      Number Three which features, amongst other things, the Winged Men of Myyrhn, is looking tremendous!
      Thanks, Walter.

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      • Sa-lul
        Nomad of the Time Streams
        • Feb 2005
        • 26

        Just snatched my copy of the First Issue, hot off one of the only comic shops in Mexico City who stock this kind of fare.

        Really really enjoyed it. Congratulations.

        I must say I was braced for some sort of graphic violence to be done to my long-cherished personal images of what Imrryr is supposed to look like. I don't often adopt someone else's picture for the images that my readings create in my head (I hate to say it, but this also refers to movies which try hard, but practically never surpass my created views of the imaginary). But this may be one very enjoyable exception.

        When is the next issue due out?


        • Walter Simonson
          Nomad of the Time Streams
          • Sep 2004
          • 27

          When is the next issue due out?
          The second issue of Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer was published here in the U.S. back at the end of December. I haven't any idea what that means regarding comic shops in Mexico City but the book is out there somewhere.


          PS: I'm pleased that you found the visual imagery in issue 1 appropriate, even if it wasn't what you yourself had imagined. That can be tough, I know.


          • duggm
            Corsair of the Second Ether
            • Sep 2004
            • 93

            I'm loving it as well. My only negative comment would be that I wish the stories could be longer. I do understand the format, but dammit, these dreamquests are turning out to be quite importaint to the history of Elric and his part of the Multiverse.

            Well, that and, no matter how close I look, I can find no hidden pictures of me in there...
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            • Guest's Avatar

              At least French readers will be able to get it in French and in France. The whole sequence has been picked up by a French publisher.


              • Miqque
                Champion of the Balance
                • Apr 2004
                • 1002

                Have only read the first issue so far, but it dovetails just great with the last two Elric novels (Dreamthief's Daughter/Skrayling Tree). The dragons were just tremendous, Uncle Walter!

                I'm looking forward to the hardback edition of the collection. Will get the library to buy one (as well as me own copy, which you're both gonna personalize - right? :D )

                PS- Mike, FYI- The sole copy of Skrayling Tree is rarely on the shelf here at Ye Olde Library - and it's getting rather dogeared.
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                • Guest's Avatar

                  I'm looking forward to reading more.

                  I've read the first and the second and I really enjoyed them. I really like getting to see more of the history of Melnibone and I think the art gives it a great epic feel. I would also like to note I really liked the tough with the elemental word baloons for Grome and Straasha.

                  The guy at the comic shop didn't know when the 3rd one's release date was though.. but I look foward to reading the next 2.


                  • ThePilgrim
                    A Love Story?
                    • Aug 2007
                    • 23

                    frankly i lean heavily towards the cover art of the original elric books; the mag just looks too human/alien/strange.
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                    • "TheDoctor"
                      Citizen of Tanelorn
                      • Dec 2008
                      • 261

                      How can something be both human and alien?

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