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Fantasy Review: Elric of Melnibon | Fantasy Review Barn

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  • Fantasy Review: Elric of Melnibon | Fantasy Review Barn

    Review by Nathan:
    In the style of an oral storyteller, bringing to mind the Greek classics in its deeds, I admit I was quite surprised by how good Elric of Melniboné was. It is not a question of an old book holding up in this case, rather Elric is obviously a pace setter that countless that follow can only hope to keep up with. If anything I have proven to myself that some of the classics of the genre are considered so for a reason; I will drop a minor heresy in that given a choice I would reread this title again anytime over any of Tolkien’s creations.

    A man thrust into power that he doesn’t truly want but is determined to keep. Elric struggles with a type of morality at the head of a people who most certainly don’t; long time adherents to chaos gods are the people of Melnibone and years of unquestioned superiority has them holding their heads high. Yet Elric is not shining knight; anti-hero seems to be a common designation. He often does things that would be considered to have the moral highground; such as stupidly showing mercy on several occasions when none would be given to him. But his search for morality seems less about a care for people underneath and more about controlling his own life and steering a new path for Melnibone; long lost in its own arrogance.
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