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  • Jerry Cornelius: His Life and Times | SFBookReviews

    A review by Allen Stroud
    This collection, spanning a writing career of forty five years, lives up to the tag of unconventional. My first impression is of written smoke, or fragments thrown on a page. The words make sense, the ideas are coherent and purposeful, but there is no feeling of substance, a substantial contrast to the dense text of the introduction. From what text there is, we get a sense of character reverence, much like Moorcock’s earlier character – Elric, but the story is broken into tiny scenes, none long enough to let us share in the author’s worship. Both Elric and Cornelius come across as intellectual and disaffected, there is a languidity to them, a sense that they are above the scenes they find themselves in.

    From The Murderer’s Song (1981), the prose does get a little thicker and easier to grasp. The arrival of Una Perrson as a cynical second perspective does help with this, allowing us to see Cornelius as she sees him.
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