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Review: The Sword of the Dawn |

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  • Review: The Sword of the Dawn |

    Books, Review | Professor Crazy | September 7, 2010 at 8:56 am

    With a battle cry that’s the scream of a hawk followed by shouting, “”Hawkmoon! Hawkmoon,” Dorian Hawkmoon, the Duke of Koln and hero of Michael Moorcock’s History of the Runestaff, series–reprinted from the 1960’s–takes one back to yesteryear, though they’re still as great and entertaining to read today as they were when they first were published. Moorcock has been called “The greatest writer of post-Tolkien British fantasy,” and, who knows, that just might be true. I haven’t read all British works of fantasy since (let alone previous to) Tolkien’s epic, so I can’t honestly say if this statement is true or not. But, Moorcock’s vision, skill at writing complex and carefully plotted novels, and his dramatization of Dorian Hawkmoon’s metaphysical quest has to rank him very close to the top of the heap of post-Tolkien British fantasy authors.
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    By the runestaff : cool !


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      Good review! ..


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        The Sword of the Dawn was my very first Michael Moorcock book, way back when I was at school, I reread the Runestaff series a few months ago and it's still just as brilliant as when I was first introduced to the Multiverse. A real good review, Sir John !

        , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!