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Song for Marlene

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  • DeepFixer
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    • Dec 2003
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    Song for Marlene

    SONG FOR MARLENE (Sam Shepherd/Steve Gilmore)

    [C]Marlene Dietrich took my[F] breath away.[C] If I was born in a[F]nother day.
    [C]Dogs couldn’t keep me[F] from your door;[C] your dogs couldn’t keep me a[F]way from your door

    [G]Marlene,[F] you’re so[C] fine![G] Marlene,[F] you’re so[C] fine!

    [C]Some silly stars[F] in the skies[C]. They’re only there[F] �cause we got eyes
    [C]But I can see a star up[F]on the screen[C] if I was blind as a[F] bee

    [G]Marlene,[F] you’re so[C] fine! [G] Marlene, [F] you’re so [C] fine!

    [C]I’d bury my nose[F] in your furs.[C] I’d swallow you whole[F] in your pearls
    [C]I’d beat up all of your[F] dukes and earls. [C]I’d even give up all my[F] girls for you

    [G]Marlene,[F] you’re so[C] fine![G] Marlene,[F] you’re so[C] fine!
    Madness is always the best armor against Reality