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  • Starcruiser--REVISED!!!

    After listening to Roller Coaster Holiday, I discovered I messed up! All of the Em should be C. I've marked them 'C*'

    I learned this off of the Griffin CD, which sounds slightly sharp than written.

    STARCRUISER--M. Moorcock
    C-2-3-4/F-2-3-4/C-2-3-4/G7-2-3-4 (x2 then) C-2/F-4/G7-2-3-4

    I'll[C] never forget the first Star[F]cruiser I saw
    [C]Moving alongside but[G7] well spaced out
    She was[C] looking for me so[F] I went aboard
    It was[C*] dark in her hold and [F]almost as cold
    As the[C] infinite[F] vacuum it[G7]self
    We[C] set off in space at a[F] moderate rate,
    going[C] faster than light but not[G7] worried
    I[C] wondered a mite 'bout my[F] forthcoming fate
    She was[C*] pulsing out fire, while her[F] gauges read higher
    Than[C] anything[F] I could be[G7]lieve in.
    She was a[Am] Starcruser, [F]Star Starcruiser
    [Am]Starcruiser,[F] Star Starcruiser
    [C]She was a[F] mean Star[G7]cruiser
    And[Am] she was[C] cruis[G]ing[Am] me.

    She was[C] burning me up and[F] squeezing me out
    While the[C] universe grew all a[G7]round us
    My[C] eyes filled with silver, there was[F] gold in my mouth
    I [C*]longed for a drink,[F] I just couldn't think
    And the[C] speed, it got[F] faster and[G7] faster.
    We a[C]rrived at her base and she[F] showed me her face
    Just a[C] glimpse for a second, and it[G7] downed me
    I was[C] really knocked out by her[F] sweet ruthless grace
    I saw my[C*] fate written there, but by[F] now did not care
    I was[C] loyal, I [F]loved her, I[G7] signed on.
    [repeat chorus]
    I [C]flew with the cruiser for [F]almost a year
    My[C] mind it had melted and[G7] changed so
    I had[C] blown out my circuits, I'd[F] gone out of gear
    I was[C*] hers all that time, so[F] strange were her crimes
    Even[C] now I [F]dare not re[G7]call them.
    Star[C]cruisers are bright, and they[F] light up the night
    And their[C] style it is clean and it[G7] thrills you
    They are[C] cool at the kill, you can't [F]keep them in sight
    They will[C*] burn out your drive and they'll[F] drain off your life
    And they[C] won't even[F] know they have[G7] done it.

    [Am]Starcruiser,[F] Star Starcruiser
    [Am]Starcruiser,[F] Star Starcruiser
    [Am]Starcruiser,[F] Star Starcruiser
    [Am]Starcruiser,[F] Star Starcruiser
    [C]She was a[F] mean Star[G7]cruiser
    And[Am] she was[C] cruis[G]ing[Am] me.
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