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Dude's Dream (Rolling in the Ruins)

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  • manmiles
    This is probably my favourite song on the New Worlds Fair album.

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  • DeepFixer
    Thanx much! :D

    I think I'll start onBOC's Moorcock songs, now.

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  • M-A_19
    a brilliant song

    I must say how much I love this song.

    I've been listening to new worlds fair for a while now, and parts of it have fallen in and out of favour, but this song is terrific.

    There is a genre popular in some quarters called apocalyptic folk, which this song fits rather neatly into by sounding like folk music written after the apocalypse! :)

    Well done the Deep fix!

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  • DeepFixer
    started a topic Dude's Dream (Rolling in the Ruins)

    Dude's Dream (Rolling in the Ruins)

    DUDE’S DREAM (ROLLING IN THE RUINS) (Michael Moorcock)

    [Am]Isn't it delicious, there's a red sun in the sky
    Every time we[G] see it rise, another city[Am] dies
    And[E7] the bombs blow up the cemeteries
    And the [C]dead give up their [Em]graves
    But we [Am]go on making[G] out, babe, through the short, bleak [Am]days.

    And I [E7]really wish you'd tell me if your [C]skin is feeling [Em]right
    I [Am]don't like the way your [C]shoulder peeled last [Em]night
    And the [Am]bombs blow up the houses
    And the [C]bombs uproot the [G]trees
    And I [Am]saw my children [C]carried off on a [G]strange, bright [Am]breeze
    But there [E7]ain't no point in weeping
    And there [Am]ain't no point in [G]lying
    Let's [Am]laugh, and make the most of it
    After [G]all, we're only dying!

    [Am]Rolling, we're[G] rolling in[Em] the ruins
    [Am]Rolling, we're [G]rolling in the[Em] ruins
    [Am]Rolling, we're [G]rolling in the [E]ruins
    And we [Am]know we're [G]bound to [Em]go.

    [Am]Since we found the doctor's surgery, I'm feeling rather fine
    Send a shot of this and a [G]shot of that up that old main [Am]line
    And the [E7]bombs blow up the churches
    And the [C]priests cry out for [Em]faith
    Kiss my [Am]mouth while I still [C]have it, take my [G]hand, and keep it [Am]safe

    Hear my [E7]heart while it's still beating, hear my [C]breath while it can [Em]last
    And [Am]take another roll, dear, but we'd [C]better make it [Em]fast
    And the [Am]bombs destroy our hopes
    And the [C]bombs fragment our [G]dreams
    And we're [Am]bound to pause and [C]wonder if [G]all is what it [Am]seems

    But there [E7]ain't no point in leaving
    For there's [C]nowhere left to [Em]go
    Just [Am]smile and make it [C]tender
    Make it [G]kind and make it slow.

    [Am]Rolling, we're [G]rolling in the [Em]ruins
    [Am]Rolling, we're [G]rolling in the [Em]ruins
    [Am]Rolling, we're [G]rolling in the [Em]ruins
    And we [Am]know we're [G]bound to [Em]go.