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Good Girl, Bad Girl--REVISED LYRICS!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY

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    Good Girl, Bad Girl--REVISED LYRICS!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY

    The Bb on the chorus has an alternating bass of the root, Bb, and A.

    (Lyrics corrected [mostly] from 'Dude's Dream: The Music of MM' by Brian Tawn)
    GOOD GIRL,BAD GIRL-M. Moorcock & ??
    [Em]Pierrot dances and he can be bad
    But [C] one thing he ain't, he[D] ain't your dad
    And[Em] Harlequin's a trickster, and he's certainly not your sister
    [C]Nobody under-[Am]stands do
    they[Em] little girl [C] [D]

    [Em]Do your best, God knows you do
    But[C] Columbine, we don't[D] appreciate you
    You're[Em] winsome and you're ladylike
    You're[C] stoical and you[Am] own a bike
    But[Em] you won't ride it, will you, little[C] girl?
    You won't[D]ride your[Em] bike

    [Dm]Wants to be a[F] Good[C] Girl
    [Dm]Wants to be a[Bb] Bad Girl
    [Dm]Good Girl [F]Bad[C] Girl
    [Dm]Good Girl[Bb]Bad Girl
    [G]She needs to be a[Bb]wo[F]man [Em]

    [Em]Pantaloon's a dotard, as it sometimes goes
    [C]Cuckold with nothing but [D]cash and jewels
    The[Em] Captain's full of wind and farts
    [C]Playing all sorts of[Am] heroic parts
    But [Em]they won't work out, will they, little [C]girl? [D]

    [Em]Dame's sympathetic, but she ain't your mum
    [C]Telling you you're having[D] too much fun
    And[Em] Punch and Judy have a crocodile
    That's[C] never even seen the[Am] Nile
    Your dolls are[Em] broken aren't they, little girl?
    Your[C] doll's are broken, but[D] still they[Em] smile

    [Dm]Wants to be a [F]Good [C]Girl
    [Dm]Wants to be a[Bb] Bad Girl
    [Dm]Good Girl, [F]Bad [C]Girl
    [Dm]Good Girl,[Bb] Bad Girl
    [G]She needs to be a[Bb] Wo[F]man [Em]
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