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Chronicles of the Black Sword on VHS

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  • Chronicles of the Black Sword on VHS

    Ahhh, finally back after an extended period of 'real life interference'.

    Found this little gem while I was clearing out all my old junk last month ... Chronicles of the Black Sword (Hammersmith Odeon - December 1985) on VHS.

    If anyone has either the equipment or patience to restore it (the tape has the telltale white mould/mildew residue on it) then it's free to a good home ... and we all know that theres no better bunch of homes than here on the miscellany

    Due to postage costs I'd prefer to send it within the UK (and if there are any takers within Brit they will get first dibs).
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    Sorry, I am in France and I have not the equipment to restore a VHS.