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Bassline for 'Good Girl, Bad Girl'

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  • DeepFixer
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    • Dec 2003
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    Bassline for 'Good Girl, Bad Girl'

    ------------|* ----------|-----9--|---------|----12---9-|
    ------------|* ----------|------9-|---------|------------|
    -------(7)--|* (7)/(10)-|(7)------|(7)/(10)|-(7)-------|
    -(0)--------|* ---------|--------|---------|------------|


    ---- (7)|----(7)|-----|--------------|---(7)|--(7)|-----|(12)/15-14-

    -------|-------|-----|------12--11--|# ----------|--------|
    -------|-------|-[10]|-(12)------14|# ----------|---------|
    ----(7)|----(7)|-----|---------------|# ------(7)|------(7)|
    (0)----|(0)----|-----|---------------|# --(0)----|-(0)-----|

    -------------|---------- |------------|------------|------------|----------|
    -------------|---------- |------------|-65656565|------------|-----------|

    ------------|-65656565|--33333333|------- 1111|

    Here we go yet again, True Believers! Checked the 'Preivew,' and some of my lines don't quite match up, so $%^*[email protected]!! Aww, what the hell :D

    4/4 time, sort of moderate(?), 'Brothel' tempo. kind of.

    I've tried to make some musical notation in the INTRO and VERSE: (x) is a half-note(two beats);[x] is a whole note(four beats); x/y is a slide from lower to higher

    In the INTRO: the part before the * is played 4x, the part after the * is played 2x, then into the VERSE.

    In the VERSE: the part after the # is the second ending of the VERSE, before it goes to the CHORUS.

    The CHORUS is all played with eighth-notes (1&2&3&4& etc.). At the end, do the pre-* 4x, back to the verse.

    Song fades out with the second-half of the INTRO

    Is this all clear? 8O
    If so, then someone explain it to me !! :roll:
    Madness is always the best armor against Reality