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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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    Wezołyck Świat!

    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

    Free the West Memphis Three

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    Wielkie dzięki (spóźnione, ale szczere). Mówi tu jeszcze ktoś po naszemu?
    Gdyby ktoś miał ochotę poczytać o Moorcocku po polsku - zapraszam tu:
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      I'm glad for the invitation, but I wrote above the few words I know for now in polish...

      Anyway, it seems that France is paying more and more attention to Poland as I'm currently watching a broadcast on cultural channel.

      Do widzenia kolego.
      Free the West Memphis Three


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        Thanks for the info, Mespheber. I've forwarded it to my friends from Nowa Gildia (polish popcultural portal) and here's the result:


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          Wow! I'll transmit the info to a french-polish forum I know.

          BTW, did you check Psio Crew? I gave the link there, many people had interest and it seems that their record is really cool. I can't wait going back to Wawa to find it. Probably next month.

          Free the West Memphis Three


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            Psio Crew is using samples from traditional Gorals' (polish highlanders) tunes, but their music sometimes sounds like a gypsy brass-band from Serbia. It's an interesting combination.

            PS. Mespheber, piszesz już trochę po polsku?
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              Just a few words... Actually, I just asked my fiancée to know the meaning of your last sentence.

              Yeah, I get the idea of Psio Crew, especially after having visited Zakopane and heard local folk music. Too bad other people can't at least hear how funny this accent is when you're familiar to curent polish speaking. Even if I don't understand lyrics, I can feel the difference.

              Last year, as we went to see Deep Purple in Spodek, Katowice? we also had the chance to listent to SBB, quiet an old band but awesome!

              I admit I enjoy music maybe more than any other art and I found a lot of great bands in Poland: Closterkeller, Moonlight, Artrosis, Behemoth, Agressiva 69...

              Free the West Memphis Three