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Casting for Elric movies

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  • Casting for Elric movies

    What about Alan Rickman for Theleb K'aarna and Ben Kingsley for Jagreen Lern .
    For Elric I think to the actor who played in the movie Powder.
    Yyrkoon: Joachim Phoenix.
    Rachkir: Gary oldman.
    Yishana: Ornella Mutti.

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    What about, (Re: Elric Movie, Progress on the Elric Blockbuster) the Actors all CGI, Motion-capture control and Andy Serkis can do all the roles? He's got a good range.

    His Gollum was smashing. But a lot will depend on how Melnibone, Pan Tang, Tanelorn and others are visualised. That will draw Actors of some calibre, to the project. IF they can have the intensity expected from the, now, fantasy movie benchmark (dear old LOTR) , of thinking that the Young Kingdoms are real, that should do it.

    \'You know my destiny?\' said Elric eagerly. \'Tell me what it is, Niun Who Knew All.\'
    Niun opened his mouth as if to speak but then firmly shut it again. \'No,\' he said. \'I have forgotten.\'


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      How about that guy who played haldir in LOTR hes hot. And i bet that guy who played hama is in it too cos hes in nearly every thing else(braveheart highlanderrobroy)