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Concept Art?

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  • Concept Art?

    Mr. Moorcock (or anyone that might be in the know),

    Is there anyone concepting the film at this point? Are there artists you have in mind for this?

    I'd like to take a shot at that if you're interested!

    All my contact info is there as well.

    If not, I 'd love to see anything that's been produced so far or at least know who is doing the concept work.

    Thanks folks!

    P.S. If the Elric film works out I hope Corum will get some screen treatment one day too!

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    The art is nice. He has a thing for nearly-naked women though.


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      Elric concept art

      For me, the obvious choice for this would be Chris Achilleos. His depiction of Elric has always seemed the closest to what Michael actually describes in his books. Every time i see a book cover showing Elric with rippling muscles i wonder if the artist has actually read any of it?

      According to his website Chris has also produced conceptual art for several films, which has got to help.

      But at the end of the day (& more importantly), i just love his artwork!


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        Originally posted by The Mythanian
        The art is nice. He has a thing for nearly-naked women though.
        I fail to see the problem with nearly naked women.


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          Originally posted by rakhir
          I fail to see the problem with nearly naked women.
          *Blinks* what? I don't see a problem,

          orgo, your work is very nice, it would be awesome to see a few pieces of concept art drawn by you.
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            Claps hands, rubs them together "lets get into this"!


            I am VERY surprised that THIS thread has only a few responses.
            Which may mean that there is a "main" thread already posted
            somewhere but, I hope this one can get more replys.
            . . . here we go.

            I would pick 1st and Foremost Micheal Whelan:
            I'm sure Mr. Moorcock still has direct contact with this "Master"
            Painter. Probably has created the closest version to Mike's
            description in the 1st Novel. And almost exactly what I see in
            my head (Next to my version :), but I need to work on it again).
            The only problem is . . . I wish he would paint Elric more often
            Though one of my favorite painters is also Chris Achilleos:
  , and
            lucky to meet both (drools), Whelan portrays Elric's look of
            another "alien" Kingdom, in contrast with the "Young Kingdoms"
            that would have the look of the more traditional Medieval style.

            2nd or even a collaborate effort, Rodney Matthews:
            Very "Alien" in style, very unique. I'd be hard pressed to who
            makes a better design of Stormbringer (Whelan or Matthews),
            and possibly, structures could be alternated by these 2 Artists.

            If I had the time, I would love to sink my teeth in a few Concept
            designs myself, and was deeply honoured by Mr. Whelan
            "scanning" my version of Stormbringer on an old Elric Piece and
            saying, ". . . nice Stormbringer."

            I call your attention, as well as you too Mr. Michael Moorcock,
            please ALL check out this young but WONDERFUL Leather

            If WETA does the Production, SEND this guy to New Zealand and
            put this guy to work! (or what-ever studio does it).
            I'm working on a Logo for his Armour Company and he is easy
            to work with and makes Armour as easy as you and I breath.

            By the way, ORGO's ART is VERY beautiful, Whelan and Rodney
            will need a "crew" of Artists I'm sure ;)

            Thanks for your indulgents folks

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