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What does everyone think about Paul Bettany as Elric Of Melnibone?!

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  • What does everyone think about Paul Bettany as Elric Of Melnibone?!

    Greetings fellow comrades, I have heard that Michael Moorcock favours Paul Bettany to play as Elric... Why do you favour Paul Bettany Mr. Moorcock? What does everyone else think? In my opinion I think that Michael has chosen well... *Cheers for Michael* You know, I have put some thought into it and have now come to the conclusion that Paul Bettany may do well as Elric... I overlooked his features and realised that he has the right cheekbone structure and the exact face shape... I am not sure if he could do it, but perhaps he could... I suppose we will all come to the answer, I am yet unsure...

    The Dark Mage Of Melnibone
    They're all true... Especially the lies.

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    Paul Bettany would be perfect

    Paul Bettany would be perfect. Enough said.
    Has everyone seen the trailer for '300' !
    The colorized look of it is so intense.
    I hope the Elric movie has effects like this.


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      Amon Tobin's music is pretty awesome.
      This link is for Tyler Bates. He scored the new movie 300.
      Give a listen.


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        Looking at his picture and imagining him with long snowy locks and dead white skin, I have to say Bettany is as close to my visualization of Elric as anyone I've seen yet.

        Remembering his turn in Master and Commander, he seems to have the acting chops too. I haven't seen The Da Vinci Code in its entirety, but from what I have, he appears capable of bringing off Elric's mixture of cruelty and humanity.

        Add another Yea vote.


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          After seeing the Da Vinci code recently, I also agree Paul Bettany would be a good choice...


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            Who's Paul Bettany


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    , do a site search for Paul Bettany.


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                Surely, wouldn't that be typecasting the poor bloke?

                In all seriousness, he might be good for the role.


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                  My votes:

                  Simon Woods for Elric. He looks like a young Paul Bettany, and is doing a pretty good job of playing the future emperor Augustus in Rome.

                  Jonathan Rhys Meyers for Yyrkoon.
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                    I remember watchint the 2002 version of the Time Machine, an dafter seeing the Morlock at the end i immidiately re read my elric books, for some reason he reminded me of an old elric, (check it out, or atleast the end part , rest of the movie is average at best). I just now found out that was Jeremy Irons playing him.


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                      I posted this elsewhere but as music has been mentioned I thought it wise to do so again:


                      Also, I liked Bettany for the part but Mike has given an unequivocal NO so what about Michael Fassbender - good actor, good credits in intelligent films, has done fantasy type stuff (300, Hex). Still kinda young. Remember, most of the time, Elric kinda looks a bit dissapated, so someone with a baby face would be terrible (think BBC America's new Robin Hood - bleh).


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                        I thank all of ye

                        I am glad most of you have agreed... So far I think Bettany would cut it... At least it would be better than Depp performing Elric... *Shudders*
                        They're all true... Especially the lies.


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                          Girly postings was all I could find

                          WITTY :

                          LOOKS AND ACTING ABILITY:



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                              Perhaps, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.