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Possibility of Extra work in the Elric movie?

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  • Possibility of Extra work in the Elric movie?

    I have been a fan of MM's work for years and I would LOVE to be an extra in the movie.
    Yeah, I would fly over from the UK to do it.

    What's the possibility of this?
    Who would I contact to ask about it?
    I'd just love to be some extra who gets cut down by Elric or whatever, getting paid for the honour would be a bonus really.

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    I'm even ready to share a drink with Mike to do it as well.

    Tempting isn't it?
    Free the West Memphis Three


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      Great Cthuhlhu and Absinth,
      Definitely fail the Sanity check there..

      Still, would I notice?

      Anyway, it'd be worth it...hehe


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        i dont like absinth, i like the blood of mortals....just FYI
        heratic, sinner, anarcist, and an all around evil kinda guy