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Now I have something to live for again -- cinematically!!!

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    Now I have something to live for again -- cinematically!!!

    Just when I thought the excitement in the cinematic world had come to a close with LOTRs, I learn just now that an Elric movie is a very good possibility. I am extatic! Elric, and his fellow selves got a friend and I through the torturous years of early high school, when we didn't fit into any of the clicks. We voraciously read the Eternal Champion series and were consumed by the complexities of that world so much so that after school we two 14-year-olds, would trudge back through the deep snow of norhtern Ohio with our wooden swords into a small wood (which is now a subdivision) and pretend we were both the eternal champion, though we made up our own names and worlds that we were from. I was, and still am in a way, Aeflin Oakenshod, and he was Osric, last prince of Brynthia. He was more Elric-like, and I was more Corum-like. Once Rick found some black gunpowder of his father's and, unknown to me, snuck it back into the woods where he pretended to perform and Elric-like spell over a piece of paper with symbols drawn on it. I didn't know what it was until he layed the match on a small mound of black powder. After a huge cloud of white smoke and a flash, I noticed poor Rick had singed his hair and eyebrows. Luckily, he didn't go blind...
    It may sound nerdy, but man, did we have a great time escaping the real world for a little while. I value those memories and the catalist being Mr. Moorcock and the characters he created! All I can say, Mr. Moorcock, as a huge fan of Elric: Please adhere to some semblance of the cover art used on the books. Jackson was smart enough to employ two artists who most Tolkien fans accepted as "standard". I hope whoever is leading this project is considering employing at least Robert Gould and/or Michael Whelan for conceptual artists.
    And one last fan request: Please see that there is no "rock" music used in the soundtrack. This would cheapen it, severly.
    I have a vote for an Elric look-alike: Nick Beggs, bass player from Kajagoogoo. Red contacts, bleached hair, it's Elric. He alread has sort of a creepy smile. But I don't know if he can act. :D
    Thanks Mr. Moorcock!
    Brant Satala
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    Well, at least you had a friend who shared your admiration of Mr. M's work. It seems that I'm the only person who has heard about Elric or the Eternal Champion in the whole city! However, I'm a fan of Mr.Moorcock -on my very own- and I plan to borrow my books to some friends and see if they get hooked too. Mmmhh... who is the guy you are talking about? I'll look for a pic... I'll post my favorite image of Elric later. ^^
    Sweet moons!