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Which Director would you most like to see handle this?

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    Originally posted by bob-e-bane
    City of lost children was brilliant.
    I love all of the films by those french dudes.

    David Lynch
    Terry Gilliam
    Peter Jackson (I liked the LOTR films. sorry)

    I know!! That Guellmo Del Toro guy.
    He did Hellboy.
    Considering the fact that it is a rated R project as it should be, I'm gonna have to agree 100% with bob-e-bane :D

    Guillermo Del Toro would be my first choice and let me explain: WATCH CLOSELY HOW HE HANDLES THE CAMERA. I love his camera work! So smooth, covers panoramic views moving slowly and steadily, like an object in space. IMHO, he has directed the best action scenes I've seen in years and he loves mythology stuff combined with historical scenery & background (Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth, even Hellboy & Blade II) and he surely does not hesitate to add gore.

    A second option would be Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Alien IV) for his surreal feeling and also excellent camera angles, kinda more deranged.

    David Lynch, who is my favorite director, would add a totally different aspect to the Elric character, a risky choice (for commercial benefit) but a 'character-based drama masterpiece' for sure.


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      Elric movie

      How about Ridley Scott? I agree also with Jerry Bruckheimer, perhaps also John Boorman as he did a great job of Excalibur back inthe '80s.

      NOT Oliver Stone, although I liked Platoon I have been put off his work for life after enduring Alexander, aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!!! so I wouldn't like to see a brilliant concept like Elric ruined like that.

      , [Ok Emerson ...oot the motor !!!!


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        Tim Burton? Christ, please no. Last thing i want elric to become is some stupid goth role model. NO THANKS! If Elric heard that he'd slay you for even suggesting that director.


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          Francis Ford Coppola is the same age as Mike and still directs films.
          He proved his ableness to glide effortlessly through the eerie and macabre with Apocalypse Now . The only risk would be his abilitity to adjust to the settings, props and characters of the fantasy realm.
          As far as age is concerned...If he is still breathing, willing and able, why deny him the opportunity to weave his enchanting magic into an Elric movie?


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            What about Quentin Tarantino?

            I think that altought it is not is ussual genre, he could make a very good Elric movie because, and this is very important to me, he will not make of Elric a clishe heroe.
            I would hate to see elric turned into a "good guy" just because the market ask it. Elric is one of the most complex caracters I know, able to do jusitice and good deeds and to commite crimes and abominable works sufering there after the burden of this crimes.
            I don´t know if Tarantino is the best director for this movie, but I would sllep well kowing that Elric is in good hands.

            The directors that I DON`T LIKE for the Elric movie are Rob Zombie (although hee´s a great musician), Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and all who make commercial shit only to get rich.


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              who should direct the Elric movie

              Who should direct the live action Elric movie? Honestly, I can only think of one man: John Boorman (Zardoz, Excalibur, the Emerald Forest). I think only he can pull it of. Hopefully, Mr. Moorcock and the Weitz brothers find the director soon; else I fear that this movie is dead.


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                Forgive me if I am repeating someone else's ideas....

                I thought the general feel and look of either "Batman Begins" or "Children of Men" would be a good fit for the tales of the Stealer of Souls. Either director would be great.

                I could even live with a Peter Jackson treatment, diversions from the story line of Lord of the Rings aside, he DOES produce a fine fantasy film. The only problem would be his penchant for rewrites of already excellent stories...Mike would have to stand with the backbone of Dorian Hawkmoon at the gates of Londra....
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