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Which Director would you most like to see handle this?

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  • Which Director would you most like to see handle this?

    There has been much speculation about who would be Elric or other casting decisions, but how about who would you like to see direct this monster of a story. While I know LOTR is not popular with Michael, I know that once I found out it was Peter Jackson I was extremely relieved as I had been a big fan of most of his work.
    So what director could handle this?
    I think the Jeunet Brothers of "The City of Lost Children" Fame would be great, but they are not working together anymore.

    or what directors do you absolutely not want to see get this (Ron Howard, Brett Ratner,etc)

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    City of lost children was brilliant.
    I love all of the films by those french dudes.

    David Lynch
    Terry Gilliam
    Peter Jackson (I liked the LOTR films. sorry)

    I know!! That Guellmo Del Toro guy.
    He did Hellboy.


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      In all candour - the list of directors I would not want to be involved with this film is so long as to make a full list impossible. But right out are George Lucas, David Lynch, Stuart Gordon, Jean-Paul Oullette, Juan Piquer Simَn, Christophe Gans, John Milius, Richard Fleischer, Uwe Boll, Roland Emmerich, Roland Emmerich, Oliver Stone, Woody Allen, Courtney Solomon, Albert Pyun, and Peter Yates...

      Who would I like to direct? Without a single doubt: Marcus Nispel


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        Never mind which director it should be, I think the question that should be on everyones' lips should be - who will produce? A film of this magnitude needs a visionary - Jerry Bruickheimer. Someone to throw $200 million at it, someone to sell out cinemas, someone who'll have the audience downloading alternative endings in the aisles.


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          Originally posted by bob-e-bane
          (I liked the LOTR films. sorry)
          Why on earth are you sorry? Best. Fantasy. Films. Ever. Made. Yea, I know they deviated from the books and blah blah blah, but honestly... as far as quality goes, I can't think of a better fantasy film. The only one that even comes remotely close imho is Conan the Barbarian.


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            A Director for Elric! The Movie?

            Paul Verhoeven, once his new film, Black Book has hit the cinemas.

            He can do fantasy too.


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              Tsui Hark (Zu, Once Upon a Time in China) or Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers). I think the wuxia mindset, along with the tragic nature of many of their films, would do well.


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                Originally posted by Mario
                Tsui Hark (Zu, Once Upon a Time in China) or Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers). I think the wuxia mindset, along with the tragic nature of many of their films, would do well.
                As long as they don't do too much of that flying harness stuff...


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                  Fair enough. I was thinking more of the visual sense. Especially their use of color.


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                    Hasn't it already been decided that the Weitz brothers are directing the movie?

                    If that's not a given, I'd love to see Alfonso Cuaron give it a go. I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I loved the feel and look that he gave to Prisoner of Azkaban.
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                      I'm still pulling for Robert Rodriguez. He'll direct, edit and do the soundtrack at a pace which will see all the books cinematized within Mike's lifetime. And not to mention, under budget.

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                        I believe John Woo should be considered for the directing role here. It would be a great new thing for him, and another thing would be his style as a director. Mr. Woo, in all the movies i've seen from him (mostly earlier ones), has his main role characters possess a weapon which they treasure and care greatly for. An example of this would be Face Off, more popularly he has 2 golden guns he keeps in a case and exhibits almost a love for them which to me would be a great start in getting Stormbringer and Mournblade the attention they require in this movie / saga. That's not to say someone else couldn't do it, what i'm really saying is if John Woo were appointed as the director of this movie i'd think, 'Nice, you're holding my baby. I think you 'can' do it, now don't screw it up or i'll break your legs!'. Of course, i'd never do such a thing. If anyone is truly interested in deciding for themselves if Woo would be a good fit, review some of his films perhaps even watch some and you'll probably see what i mean.



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                          As far as anyone is concerned it IS the Weitz brothers who will be directing!


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                            Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
                            Yes, Jennifer, an Elric movie is being made by the Weitz brothers for Universal.
                            I believe Weitz bros are Producing the movie and not directing it? Am i wrong in assuming this?


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                              Possible director

                              I can't believe nobody suggested Tim Burton!

                              David Lynch? I'd love to see him do it, but if you view it as a trilogy, for the best result i feel you'd want the same director throughout. Sadly, i don't think Mr Lynch would be up for that marathon (or Burton).

                              So of those already suggested i'd prob. go with Guellmo Del Toro. Rodriguez would never touch it, but that got me thinking that the movie could really look incredible if given his black & white treatment..