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movie status?!

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  • movie status?!

    Any info?


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    please, we haven´t had any official news from long time ago
    it seems almost impossible to get any information through the internet
    anybody knows anything?


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      I remember Mike saying that they are working on the script or something in order to make it more..."modern".Maybe they wanna pass some political-social messages.
      Other than that,they still haven't decided on the cast so nothing important can be made until then.I don't know if they have decided about where to shoot the sea scenes.


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        I have finally learned to calm down about the movie.

        I am going to sit back and wait for it. It will get made eventually. After I see it, I can go back to being anxious again for the sequels. haha.

        As soon as the initial production starts, the wait will go alot faster for me.

        It's going to be so great when when they start to break ground on it!

        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


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          I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

          BERRY!?! MICHAEL!!!?
          Is this movie gunna get made!?
          I just gotta know! NOW!!

          Thanks guys!!



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            I guess I'd be speaking for a lot of us in seconding that.
            My guess is that there isn't any news otherwise we mightve heard about it by now


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              See Mike's comment here.
              _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
              _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
              _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
              _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


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                There's only like 17 fans of the Elric saga. HA HA!!
                Hollywood might say..NO WAY!

                This would make me very sad.
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                  Uh, Bob, I do think that the fan base for Elric is slightly higher than seventeen...twenty-two to twenty-three, at the VERY least!

                  Elric may not have the commercial success of the boring and overinflated Robert Jordan books, but I would bet you a dollar to a donut hole it bloody well has a larger following than Eragon, and that waste of words garnered multi-multi millions out of the Hollywood set.

                  I think an Elric film (or, best of all, a SERIES of Elric films) would surprise the heck out of the detractors, as it sort of combines the whole horror genre with swords and sorcery. I think it could very well be a huge crossover genre hit, if it is done properly....and with Mike deeply involved, I do believe it would be done properly.

                  I think the filmgoing world is ready for the Womanslayer.
                  "My candle's burning at both ends, it will not last the night;
                  But ah my foes and oh, my friends, it gives a lovely light" - Edna St Vincent Millay


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                    In France, there is a rumor telling that the cameras have begun to work ?


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                      Originally posted by David Mosley
                      See Mike's comment here.
                      I realize this comment was posted a little while ago but so hasn't any real Elric Movie updates. Are there any REAL, RECENT, updates?

                      08-31-2006, 11:24 AM
                      ^-- Newer than this from Michael or a respectable spokesperson --^