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  • Dave McKean

    I just purchased and watched Mirrormask and the creative team that put that film together would breath incredible life into the vision of an Elric film. Everything about it - costumes, sets, effects - could easily depict the surreal world of Elric - the spires of Melnibone' and Pan Tang, the weird, semi-organic armor of the Dragon Knights, Arioch himself.

    Anyone who has not seen this film should make an effort to do so, then watch the extras at the end and listen to the things said by McKean and Neil Gaiman about how they put it together. It sounds like they have gotten a handle on creating fantastic worlds on the cheap.

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    Dave would be a fitting art director for the movie, especially the melnibonèan elements. His imagination would give the original twist that the film needs visually. It would be sad to se Melnibonè interpreted in a conventional and cliche d&d way. im expecting a city of glass with impossible angles and perspectives. The dreamlike atmosphere should be central.


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      I think he may be a bit TOO surreal. You need a certain amount of grounding in order to contrast the mundane realms (Melnibone and the Young Kingdoms) with the forces of Chaos.


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        realism yes

        yes I agree that melnibonè should have at least one foot on the ground of realism, but it should be done with taste. Avoiding the many fantasy standards. But then again, Elric pioneered many of those standards.


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          Hi all.

          The art in Mirrormask is quite impressive, but it looks too much like a dream. I think Melnibone should be more real, impressive but real.

          Anyway, although I think Mirrormask is not the way, I think Dave McKean could manage.