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Elric Film

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  • Elric Film

    Please someone, do the photo! The guy who plays the hated southerner in t.v's 'Lost' would be perfect! Paul Bettany's lips are too full (although he looks great in his suit - when they do the 'A Cure for Cancer' movie, maybe?!

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    Josh Holloway for Elric!

    Yes, he'd make a great Elric!


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      Don't you think we are being a little to frickin picky when we start saying an actor lips are to full??!
      Elrics lips are wide and full.
      We are NERDS!!!!!!!!!
      Let's lighten up a bit.


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        Originally posted by bob-e-bane
        We are NERDS!!!!!!!!!
        Let's lighten up a bit.
        :? :) :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap:

        YES WE ARE!!! :lol: And sure we should lighten up a bit...

        “Because,” she said, “there are better dreams.” - the Sea Lady (H.G. Wells)


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          EHI!! DO we have any news????


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            I agree!

            Josh Holloway is the right choice for Elric! I believe he has the right facial features (along with the hair) to play the Prince of Melnibone. I hope others will agree as well.


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              Movie status right now??

              Hi, It's months since we last heard about changes in the movie status. Is the proyect still going on?? And, if it's so, what's the real status right now? I'd be very pleased if somebody could answer, thanks a lot.


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                Dunno if the film will get made..........

                But at least we have eachother. HA HA!!

                I just want to say that if Jonathan Rhyes meyers, Paul Bettany, Jude Law, Jonny Depp, or even Mcauly Caulkin play Elric I will be happy.
                I'm not to worried about the casting. I can defend Hollywood a bit and say that most casting in most films in general; I am content with.

                I don't want someone to OLD to play Elric. I don't want a musician. and I don't want a rap-metal or classic rock soundtrack.

                It's important that this movie has LOTS OF MONEY behind it.
                It's important to me that it is not PG 13.
                It must be epic quality.

                To me the biggest dissapointment in movie history was SPAWN.
                Dunno if it was Todd McFarlanes fault? I won't mention it again.