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How would a Trilogy work?

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  • How would a Trilogy work?

    I've been sad enough to actually think about this. According to reports on this very website, a trilogy of Elric films would comprise of the following.

    1- Elric of Melnibone + Dreaming City

    2- Sailor on the Seas of Fate

    3- Stormbringer

    But obviously, you have to enter in charecters who do not appear or are introduced in the stories shown. Moonglum and Zarozania come to mind immedialty. Also, although it isn't a trilogy such as LOTR, but more in line with Star Wars with presenting three tales of one man which come to a conclusion in the final film. But I'm guessing Sailor of the Seas of Fate would focus on the part of the novel which is Eternal Champion related and Brak and Grak. Of course, how would they be able to get these elements to work on screen without needless info dropping?

    A mainstream audience may be more confused on the idea that nearly 4 of the charecters in the 2nd film are actually the one guy in different universes? I'm not saying the audience will be stupid, but it will confuse some people. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade on Elric: The Movie, just brining up some points I've seen.

    Possible solutions the film might undertake.

    1- Replace Rakhir's charecter in Elric of Melnibone with Moonglum and thus ensure his presence in all three films.

    2- Have Zarozania in Sailor of the Seas of Fate SOMEhow and thus build up the love story between them and end the film with him marrying Zarozania and throwing Stormbringer away (maybe off the Boat of Fate) only to have it return after the wedding and thus create a dark, spooky ending.

    Yeah...that's all I've got right now. Sorry if this annoys anyone.

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    My feeling was that Mike had developed a story arc for three films that took some but not all of the major characters and situations from the books and wove them into a coherent whole.

    I wouldn't expect to see every published Elric story retold in the movies!



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      I'm sure the movie will turn out the way Mike wants it to be on film. :D

      Instead of switching out characters so as not to confuse an audience:

      Print an official Elric movie guide that is sold at the theater when you buy your tickets. It can be set up as a program with character descriptions. ;)

      Just a thought. 8)

      "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
      - Michael Moorcock