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Music for the movie?.

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  • Music for the movie?.


    Any thoughts on music for the movie. Any chance there will be any Hawkwind on the soundtrack?


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    i dont know why, but the band afi and its current work seems to fit perfectly with the idea of this movie.
    mebbe im biased tho :P


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      Biased :-)

      I'm ever so slightly biased towards Hawkwind. I grew up on the Chronicle of the Blacksword and Live Chronicles LPs and reading the books at the same time

      Mike was kind enough to sign my copy of the Warrior LP when he did a reading from 'City in the Autumn Stars' in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, many moons ago.

      He did a telephone link from Texas to perform with the band a couple of Christmases ago which was fantastic:

      'This is Texas Calling, In Case of Sonic Attack...' Fabulous!


      (I may also be biased because I met my wife at a Hawkwind gig!!)


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        Mike, my Turkish pastry baker on the corner just asked if he could do the catering on the movie. He's all set to go, would even ask a couple of cousins over to help out if times get real hot. His Khebab isn't bad either. Can I tell him anything about the contract details, yet?

        Google ergo sum


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          Hawkwind, Blue Oyster Cult, Afi, Marillion, Rush, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Cocateau Twins, The Cure, Deep Purple, Garbage, Ritchie Blackmoore, Evanescence, Black Sabbath, etc. could all contribute great songs to an Elric soundtrack. The most important aspect of music in film is that it compliments the mood and feel of the movie. All of these groups are able to paint the proper mood for many of the important scenes in the Elric saga.


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            Well, seriously now - I think one should wait till a lot more is known and then choose a top-notch composer to do the score.

            Google ergo sum


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              I agree with LEtranger that of course a lot more must be known about the picture before music can be brought into the film. A conventional score by a great composer would be a must but there have been many films that have featured both a stunning conventional score and a great soundtrack of songs. Brandon Lee's last film "The Crow" is a great example of this. I'm not usually a buyer of film soundtracks but this one hit the mood of the movie right on the nose. I think the Elric saga has the same potential and in this day and age where a signifigant box office return will be expected for this 100 million dollar commitment then any form of cross marketing done with taste and attention to the story could only benefit the project and assure its viability as a franchise. The more we offer up ideas in this forum I can not help but think it can benefit those that will make the Elric movies a reality. Again, Michael, we, your audience, are here for you and to share our ideas and feedback. Thanks.


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                I think some death/black metal bands like Celtic Frost or Dimmu Borgir would be fantastic...the use lots of orchestral music within their music,very dark powerful and atmospheric :twisted:


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                  Regarding the music to the Elric movie: I think that it would be a fatal mistake to use any kind of "Modern Rock" music in it. It would probably eliminate the atmosphere... It would be interesting to combine Lustmord or Svartsinn(dark ambient) with someone more classic movie score composer like Philip Glass, Danny Elfman, or Jerry Goldsmith. BTW, Brian Williams from Lustmord have worked with sounds, not music tho, for alot of movies before. The Crow, Strange Days, Tha Saint, Pitch Black, and Zeotrope just to name a few. That would really be something outstanding.

                  Thanks. Magnus


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                    Some time ago I have seen a p*-:;أ¹m:; of c^-;:p called "The Scorpion King", and to me actually this melt of sword and sorcery together with hard-rock did make a very lame effect on me... OK Elric is certainly going to be a better (not difficult to compete with Scorpion King IMO) or at least should I say "different" movie, but I am not convinced by this at all...I like by too much classical music when it comes to SCREEN ACTION, and there's so much you can do even with a real orchestra + synthetizers...


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                      For me, all I can keep thinking for the score is orchestra with the latin choir singing, like something from Enigma's Screen Behind the Mirror, Gregorian chanting is just beautiful and has that odd mystical otherworldy feel to just really fits with the darker fanasay genre in my opinion...
                      ~Goddess Virage, Your Local Goddess of Destruction


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                        I feel that it's good for marketing to have a soundtrack featuring a lot of bands... not necessarily all rock and metal bands, but anything dark or moody which could include a lot more "genres." Anything from rock to ambient to avante garde to extreme metal... whatever those terms mean! But I think it a bad idea to use rock music within the score of the film. It usually sounds "cheesy" (the best word I come up with) to me. It would have to be very symphonic rock-- meaning an entire orchestra is used along with the electric guitars and drums. The movie should be dramatic, but that doesn't mean it has to have scoring like in most films. Danny Elfman came up earlier... he knows how to be a bit different, but perhaps a composer who is even more avante garde and less classical could be more appropriate. No movies come to mind right now that I can reference. Some movies that come to mind that are not how to do things...

                        use of techno music during fight scenes like in Blade II or Mortal Combat makes it like an MTV video. I haven't really watched A Knight's Tale, but I don't think I care for the use of rock in that one. Tons of animأ© films use rock, and I usually don't like it. I recall not liking Flash Gordon's scoring. Hmmm... Sometimes not having music is more effective.


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                          Jeriko is right!

                          Remember the music for "Ladyhawke"? If you are like me you think the Alan Parsons Project actually produces decent music; but the music for that film stank in relation to the film itself. Ugh! Horrible...


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                            Anyone seen 28 Days Later - some effective use of contemporary 'rock' there.


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                              The music for this film could be very interesting. First of all, Stormbringer emits a kind of music (described as almost "North African" in Sir Milk and Blood). Then you have the whole Melnibonean slave choir thing- each slave's voice has been altered to form one perfect pitch. Of course you have to decide what kind of music works best with the mood of the picture- I'm guessing a classical score ala LOTR but with much darker pieces.

                              Although I have to admit, I first read Weird of the White Wolf in high school, on a road trip, while my friends were blasting heavy metal like Anthrax and it seemed to go quite well together...