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What Elric Movie!???

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  • What Elric Movie!???

    Does this mean I need to quit working on the screenplay for Book 1? :lol:

    so, I looked this up on and they have no listing of it. Is this for real or is Hollymuck just toying with us all?

    The Big Question: How in the %*@(* are they going to film ALL six books into one movie?

    I am not looking forward to this at all. :sigh: I think it should be left up to the Finn's of the Swede's to do, and do right. Their version of the Beowulf movie is going to blow Hollywoods animated "thing" out of the cold blue water.

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    They're making a movie of the first book, and if it's a success they'll continue it to a trilogy.

    That's how I've gotten it.


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      Well, as I've said there is nothing on it on, so to me, it's not official. :P

      Besides, I may have to finish my version of the screenplay now. I wonder how I get the rights?


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        It's not official to anyone yet (as far as I can tell, at any rate), it's not yet certain the movie is going to be made, although it looks hopeful.

        If I recall correctly, the (first) movie would combine Elric of Melnibonأ© with The Dreaming City. Should make for a very strong, dramatic, self-contained story and/or opening for a series. A trilogy should be enough to tell the story on the big screen, and it's about as much as can be realistically hoped for.

        Mike has let us know it's not be a direct transition from page to screen, so a lot of stuff may well be left out or changed. The main thing is that the characters and the major themes are correctly represented, which I'm confident they will be. I'm more interested in what the movies might add to the story we already know, maybe us established Elric fans will have something new to think about as well.