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COMFORT ZONE (be willing to step out of it)

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  • COMFORT ZONE (be willing to step out of it)

    Hello all,
    I haven't really contributed much to these forums (I probably should instead of just reading and so often shaking my head in disagreement with so many of the suggestions put forth here) but I've been checking back in every few days, for the past several months, to see what's developing.
    I loved the Elric story as a young teenager and reread it a couple of years ago in the Eternal Champion collections. I'm almost 20 years older now than I was my first time through them. It was quite an experience. A good friend of mine saw me reading one of them and his eyes lit up. Turns out he read them so many years ago, too. I lent him the books as I finished them and we each revisited this work that had made an impact during these especially formative years in our lives. It made for great discussion.
    We had stepped into this other world to escape our typically dysfunctional American families and brought these ideas and feelings back with us that played a real, active role in helping us to develop and maintain our own identities in a world that often seemed mad and chaotic. It's odd looking back at it. I feel a bit silly placing such importance on any one work of fiction but it's absolutely true.
    So thank you, Mr. Moorcock.
    On to the topic of the movie...
    I really, reeeeeally ask that people be willing to get away from the familiar with this. I cringe when someone states that Brad Pitt would be good in the lead role. I wonder, when someone grabs Joaquin Phoenix out of Gladiator and throws him into the mix for the role of Yrkoon, if they read the same books that I did. There's a girl who has started an online petition to have Peter Jackson direct... how plump the ego must be that drives that self-righteous, myopic cause
    "How about the composer from Gladiator?" "The sword maker from Conan." "Orlando Bloom as Moonglum." "The dinosaur guys from Jurassic Park for the dragons..."
    ARRRGGGHHH!! I feel better, thank you.
    This project has the chance to be something unique, something special.
    This is opportunity for a new voice to be heard, a new vision to be projected, new ideas to be portrayed, new faces to be seen.
    I understand the business aspect of it all and, unfortunately, in able for a project such as this one to be made properly $$$ certain compromises (or straight out sacrifices) are inevitably made. I hope that the execs at Universal can have enough faith in this project and its artistic source(s) to do something uncharacteristic and let go just enough so that it has a chance to be what it could be. This movie shouldn't be driven down the "blockbuster" path. Cast an unknown in a role if that actor is right for it. This story has its own power. Let the art do its thing. Don't lock your heads onto what you're familiar with and hope that Universal doesn't either.
    Be willing to take a chance.

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    Futant, welcome to the forums!

    We all feel the same level gratitude that you do for Mike and we always welcome new people.

    As for the movie, I think that most of us are actually in agreement with regarding who should do what. Yet, at the same time, we want be certain that the Elric Movie will truly be something of quality that will due justice to the books and comics. None of us, I think, want to sit down to watch the characters we love and loathe only to see instead the actors or the actor's previous roles. The suggestions of "this big-name actor for so-and-so" are simple brainstormings, and more often then not are refuted within the same thread shortly after their initial posting. We all want to see something that is an unique and inovative as the books were and remain to be. Mike himself has said that he'd like to find relative unknowns for most of the roles, and I believe he's met with ready agreement on that. When talking about the score composer (if there is one) or the director, to me it really doesn't matter if it is a famous, well established person or not. All that really matters is that he/she have the ability to do the movie justice and the passion to do it right.

    That's what made Peter Jackson so great with LotR, not as much his talent, but his passion for the material. In fact the same is true of Elijah Wood as was his love of LotR and Frodo that allowed him to become completely wrapped in the character and story. THAT is what we all want to see with Elric.
    "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
    --Thomas a Kempis


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      thank you...

      Thanks for the positive welcome.
      Yeah, that post kind of got away from me...
      It was that kind of morning and I guess that I concentrated more on the posts that bugged me than I did on the ones that you mentioned, the majority of them that attempt to keep this thing true (sorry about the little rant). I've just seen too many projects that attempt to cater to the majority and, from my experience, that's never a good thing.
      It's nice to see that so many care about this movie as much as or more than I do, and when all is said and done I know, deep down, that it's going to be good. :clap:


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        and, of course, I know that MM won't let them hurt his child.


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          I know that Mike has in previous conversations that one of the reasons an Elric movie has never been made before isn't because he wasn't approached about it, but rather because he didn't trust Hollywood to do it right. In light of LotR, he has regained a little faith in Hollywood's ability to tell a good story and he's seen that FX are now ready to handle good Fantasy. Plus, the Weitz brothers who are spearheading this project love Elric as much as any of us and he has worked with them in developing the script. I know Mike will take care of this baby!

          I personally can't wait!
          "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
          --Thomas a Kempis


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            me neither.
            Just no Ben Affleck as Elric...


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              I'm not worried about Elric being shoved forcefully into the generic Hollywood mold. If a standard blockbuster is what Universal wanted, they wouldn't have given Mike any control over the project. Nor picked this particular story and character, for that matter... though with Hollywood you never know.

              It's interesting to read the suggestions being made on the forum, from the painfully obvious to the bizarre and the obscure. Elric has a wide range of fans, can be read in many different ways. You don't need to read between the lines or think about the philosophical bits if you just want the action and adventure. Let's hope the movie manages to do the same.

              A comparison with The Matrix has been made before. That was one of the few movies where I left the theatre with a thoroughly satisfied feeling. It looked amazing and it had a story that I found interesting as an SF reader. Of course the sequels shattered any hopes I had for the future of sci-fi cinema, but still.

              I also agree with EverKing's point about enthusiasm and love for the subject matter. Some of the LotR actors and crew didn't know the books when they were hired for the project, but they were quickly converted. So you don't necissarily need people who have been fans for decades either.