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Bettany for Elric

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  • Bettany for Elric

    Alright, I didnt look at any other posts, because I made my opinion as soon as I looked at some Bettany pictures.He is probably the best one for Elric.That's it. Farewell!

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    I told my girlfriend about Bettany possibly being Elric, and she said, "Oh yeah, he's hot", so that is a good sign for drawing in people to the movie who haven't read the books.


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      I saw Paul Bettany in The Reckoning last night, probably the first time I have seen him on the screen, and after doing so, I have to concur with this choice for Elric.

      He is tall, has very long, intense features, naturally pale, and looks like a young Max von Sydow.

      In fact, the whole look and tone of the film reminded me of The Seventh Seal, and Max in that movie reminds me a great deal of an Elric-type character, not just in his looks but also his motivations.


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        While doing a little research on Paul Bettany I learned that he is married to the beautiful Jennifer Connely. What chemistry they could have as Elric and Cymoril or Myshella!


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          BETTANY WOULD BE PERFECT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!
          Jonny Depp as Rackhir the red archer.
          That dude who played Scarecrow in Spiderman as Yrkoon.
          And someone stout and chubby for moonglum. Like that redhead irish guy from Gangs of New York and bravheart. (But younger. ha ha!!)