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«Elric: The Movie» orchestral soundtrack

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  • moaty
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • Sep 2005
    • 1

    what about whatever orchestra that plays music for the final fantasy series?


    • Azariel
      Eternal Companion
      • Sep 2005
      • 787

      I still stay firm that Elric in my opinion suited a rock theme, if not, at least get one of Domine's songs for end credits!


      • Ant
        Eternal Companion
        • Dec 2003
        • 711

        Originally posted by 3rdtry
        James Newton Howard has done some really great stuff, and he has shown with his collaboration with Zimmer on Batman Begins that he can combine his emotional work with an action movie.
        I watched Batman Begins on DVD last night... and I was struck by how much the soundtrack reminded me of Philip Glass. As Glass was my first choice for the آ«Elricآ» soundtrack, I guess I've got to say I'd be happy with Howard.



        • Guest's Avatar

          Elfman == da man

          Originally posted by PsychicWarVeteran
          I voted for Danny Elfman. Boingo fan from way back, dontchaknow. Elfman's da man.
          Who else could do the Melnibonean operas?


          • Athenys
            Autarch of Ulthwe
            • Oct 2004
            • 194

            Brian Tyler gets my vote. The "Children of Dune" CD was the one that kicked "LotR RotK" out of the player. He taught himself to play eastern instruments and also learnt the Freman language to be able to right lyrics in Freman - a really excellent score. I haven't heard any of his other stuff, but he has done quite a bit. Some of his stuff can be heard on Amazon (check out "Summon The Worms", "Main Title (House Atreides)" and "Inama Nushif (Montage)".
            I have to admit I am a sucker for anything sung in exotic languages including invented ones :) ! 'Inama Nushif' is certainly my favorite out of the 'COD' OST but the Dune Messiah theme is also very nice. Klaus Badelt did a wonderful job with 'Eloi' and 'Stone Language' for the 'Time Machine' OST IMHO. As I mentioned before they should really hire a linguist to construct Melnibonean and a few other languages to add realism to Elric's world. If everyone sings in English meh. This isn't a Broadway musical, dialogue in English enough. Even then some dialogue should be in another language with subtitles. Doing do would also add the mythic feeling of 'long ago and far away' to the film.


            • Ros
              Wanderer of the Mittel March
              • May 2004
              • 10

              orchestrated soundtrack

              Richard Gibbs. ( ) -- you might know him from the new Battlestar Gallactica series.

              Bear McCreary. ( ) -- composed some of the things in season one of BSG as an associate to Gibbs, above. (his sound is best described as eerie.) - site provides online demos.


              • Mario
                Denizen of Moo Uria
                • Sep 2004
                • 193

                This may be an offbeat choice, but I'd love to see Yoko Kanno do the score.


                • Jules
                  Eternal Companion
                  • Jan 2004
                  • 609

                  Arve Henriksen - I think his combination of a cold Nordic sound with Japanese and Persian influences would work well for incidental music.


                  • Athenys
                    Autarch of Ulthwe
                    • Oct 2004
                    • 194

                    My top picks include Farid Ruslan and Yoko Kanno. I also think George Oldziey is talented enough to pull an Elric OST off well (just listen to these short cues):





                    • Murk
                      Wanderer of the Mittel March
                      • Nov 2005
                      • 11

                      Elliot Goldenthal who wrote for Alien 3 and sphere or Tan Dun for the "hero" soundtrack. Letting "early music" groups contribute with medieval or antique style music or creating music inspired form these genres would also be interesting. Having something else than just a pure orchestral soundtrack would add to the substance of the film.


                      • danieladamsmith
                        Nomad of the Time Streams
                        • Jul 2006
                        • 25


                        I suppose the obvious choice is Howard Shore (LOTR), but
                        I wouldn't mind John Barry but I think he is getting up there.
                        Wojciech Kilar (Coppola's Dracula) would also be a great choice. I would like the score to be a little less traditional. That's why I think it would be cool to go with either a real strange choice like Brian Eno, Philip Glass or someone from the rock world eg. Alan Parsons, or some real left of field choice like God Speed you Black Emperor (28 Days Later) or a strange modern artist working in the pop field like Bowie.

                        I hope it's not Danny Elfman as I feel all of his scores sound the same
                        That's my 2 cents.

                        God How I wish James Bernard (Hammer Classics) were still alive.


                        • Magog
                          Moonbeam Traveller
                          • Oct 2006
                          • 6

                          Elric soundtrack

                          Eric Serra, without a doubt.

                          But if i had to have a 2nd choice, i'd agree with the chap who suggested Richard Gibbs (although not due to his Battlestar Galactica credentials, but somthing closer to his soundtrack for Queen of the Damned).


                          • The Mythanian
                            Denizen of Moo Uria
                            • Nov 2006
                            • 131

                            No, Ennio Morricone shouldn't do the Elric movie, he should do the Dark Tower. Other then that, we should go with orchestral soundtrack, with an exotic feel. I can't say I've heared alot of Hawkwind, but it would be cool if they did a bit of it or were at least consulted.


                            • Groakes
                              • Jan 2005
                              • 2512

                              "Rock" (read metal, etc) would date the film immediately. I want a film that I can watch in 20 years time and not wince in embarassment. I want something that I haven't heard before - something exotic, erotic, sensual, chilling. Something with light and shade. Something weird. Something organic....

                              Though Lisa Gerard as the voice of Stormbringer would be a great start...
                              Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought. In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.


                              • Bishamonten
                                Moonbeam Traveller
                                • Oct 2006
                                • 2

                                Hanz Zimmer