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Elric Movie Casting Archive

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  • Elric Movie Casting Archive

    Here's an idea... I hope Berry et al. are cool with it... I propose this thread as an archive for the casting suggestions in the various Elric movie threads.
    * I've also taken the liberty of adding, in gray, further suggestions from an old thread on the Chaosium Elric mailing list.
    * Mike's (apparent) preferences are marked M.

    Hyperlinked Index!If you have new casting suggestions post them to any active thread in the Elric Movie Forum. I'll monitor the forum and update the lists to reflect new suggestions.

    If you think I've missed any (serious) suggestions, please email me at antallan(at)mac(dot)com, or AIM me at AntAllanUK, and I'll edit the appropriate entry. (Macauley Culkin as Elric? Come on!)
    * Please provide a reference to the orginal post!
    * Let me know spelling and other misteaks too.

    *** I've added links - mainly in the Elric list - to the Elric Movie Speculative Photos gallery. Let me know if I've missed any... and who the "unknown" artists are.

    But to avoid making this too confusing, and so less useful, please do not [Post Reply] directly to this thread.


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    Those in the online poll I’ve marked *.
    • Kevin Bacon
      Christian Bale (image by Bakkhios)
      Sean Bean
      Paul Bettany * M (images by: unk.; Cheshire Cat; DyvimTvarsBodyguard; unk.; unk.; Bakkhios)
      Orlando Bloom * (images by: Cheshire Cat; unk.)
      Vincent Cassel (image by Athenys)
      Chen Chang (image by Bakkhios; another)
      Stephen Chow
      Chow Yun Fat (image by Bakkhios)
      Tom Cruise *
      John Cusack
      Mark Dacascos
      Tom Daplyn
      Johnny Depp * (image; image, as von Bek too; image by Bakkhios)
      Vin Diesel *
      Christopher Eccleston (image by Bakkhios)
      Ralph Fiennes (image by Bakkhios)
      Jason Flemyng
      James Franco
      Edward Furlong
      Vincent Gallo
      Crispin Glover (image by Bakkhios)
      Ioan Gruffudd
      Nigel Harman (image by Tony Hough)
      Ethan Hawke (image by Bakkhios, with Cymoril)
      Josh Holloway
      Rhys Ifans (image by Ant)
      Jason Isaacs
      Hugo Jackman
      Takeshi Kaneshiro (image by Bakkhios; another, with Cymoril)
      Vincent Kassel
      Will Kemp
      Vladimir Kulich *
      Andy Lau (Tak Wa Lau)
      Jude Law * (images by: Alderian; jgr (?);Bakkhios)
      Tأ³mas Lemarquis (image by Bakkhios)
      Jared Leto
      Tony Leung (Tony Leung Chiu Wai)
      Damian Lewis
      Michael McManus
      Marilyn Manson
      James Marsters * (images by: Alderian; Cheshire Cat; Bakkhios)
      Rudolph Martin
      Cillian Murphy (images by Bakkhios: (1); (2); (3); (4); and with Cymoril)
      Ed Norton
      Gary Oldman
      Timothy Olyphant
      Craig Parker *
      Guy Pearce
      Brad Pitt * (image by Bakkhios)
      Michael Praed
      Keanu Reeves
      Johnathan Rhys-Meyers (images by: PsychicWarVeteran; Bakkhios)
      Alan Rickman
      Michael Rosenbaum
      Tim Roth
      Lars Rudolph
      Jack Ryder *
      Julian Sands (image by Athenys)
      Alejo Sauras (image by Bakkhios)
      Rufus Sewell * (image by Bakkhios)
      David Thewlis
      Stuart Townsend (image by Bakkhios)
      Skeet Ulrich
      Karl Urban
      Vincent Ventresca (image)
      Marc Warren
      Michael Wincott

    • Milla Jovovich (image)
      Susan Powter
      Azura Skye
      Tilda Swinton (image by Bakkhios)
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      Those marked (E) have also been suggested for Elric.
      • Christian Bale (E)
        Antonio Banderas
        Simon Russell Beale M
        Gael Garcأ*a Bernal
        Clancy Brown
        Vincent Cassel (E)
        Billy Crudup
        Willem Dafoe
        Timothy Dalton
        Johnny Depp (E)
        Jason Done
        Crispin Glover (E) ([expired link])
        Nicholas Gonzalez
        Richard E. Grant
        Ioan Gruffudd (E)
        Neil Jackson (IV)
        Matthew Macfadyen
        Kevin McKidd
        James Marsters (E)
        Timothy Olyphant
        Joaquin Phoenix ([expired link])
        Johnathan Rhys-Meyers (E)
        Alan Rickman
        Tim Roth (E)
        Peter Sarsgaard
        Rufus Sewell (E)
        Kevin Spacey
        Marc Warren (E)
        Hugo Weaving
        Michael Wincott (E)
        James Woods
        Stelios Yiakmis
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        Although Elric's companion will not, Mike tells us, appear in the first movie, here are the casting suggestions.
        • Eric Bana
          Paul Bettany
          Jack Black
          Ewen Bremner
          Adrian Brody
          Steve Buschemi
          Robert Carlyle
          Robbie Coltrane
          Daniel Craig
          Willem Dafoe
          Johnny Depp
          Matt Dillon
          Jason Flemyng
          Seth Green
          Hugo Jackman
          Daniel Day Lewis
          Ewan McGregor
          Jonny Lee Miller
          Dominic Monaghan
          Cillian Murphy
          Gary Oldman
          Simon Pegg
          Brad Pitt
          John Rhys-Davies
          Giovanni Ribisi
          Andy Serkis
          Armin Shimerman
          Alan Tudyk
          Sean Scott Williams


        • #5
          • David Bowie ([expired link])
            Rutger Hauer
            Ben Kingsley M
            Christopher Lee
            Malcolm McDowell
            Jack Nicholson
            Jأ¼rgen Prochnow
            Terrance Stamp
            Max von Sydow
            Christopher Walken
            Peter Weller
            Michael York
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            CYMORIL (and - maybe - MYSHELLA : see below)
            • Asia Argento
              Morena Baccarin ([expired link])
              Fairuza Balk
              Kate Beckinsale
              Monica Bellucci
              Saffron Burrows
              Tia Carrere
              Jennifer Connelly
              Rachel Leigh Cook
              Claire Danes
              Lisa Dillon
              Lexa Doig
              Alison Doody
              Mylene Farmer
              Claire Forlani
              Laura Fraser
              Susana Gonzalez
              Sienna Guillory
              Shalom Harlow
              Salma Hayek
              Scarlett Johannson
              Angelina Jolie
              Catherine Zeta Jones
              Claire Keim
              Mia Kirshner
              Kristin Kreuk
              Juliet Landau
              Sophie Marceau
              Bridget Moynahan
              Aishwarya Rai M ([expired link])
              Christina Ricci
              Winona Ryder
              Emanuelle Seigner
              Mariana Seoane
              Shannyn Sossamon
              Audrey Tatou
              Lili Taylor
              Robin Tunney
              Uma Thurman ([expired link])
              Liv Tyler
              Patricia Velasquez ([expired link])
              Rachel Weisz
              Sarah Wildor
              Alicia Witt
              Zang Ziyi (
              [link expired])

            The suggestions for MYSHELLA pretty much overlaps with this. Notable suggestions for Myshella, but not for Cymoril, include:
            • Halle Berry
              Cate Blanchet
              Naomie Harris
              Vanessa Redgrave M
              Chloe Sevigny

            There is a body of opinion that the actresses for both parts should be similar (if not the same!) because Myshella reminded Elric of his lost love.
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              • Kate Beckinsale
                Thora Birch
                Jennifer Connelly
                Claire Forlani
                Mia Kirshner
                Heike Makatsch
                Shannyn Sossamon
                Naomi Watts
                Rachel Weisz


              • #8
                HIGHER POWERS

                Lords of Chaos

                • Joey Lauren Adams
                  Antonio Banderas
                  Orlando Bloom
                  David Bowie
                  Rosalinda Celentano
                  Tim Curry
                  Jay Davidson
                  John de Lancie
                  Johnny Depp
                  Leonardo DiCaprio
                  Brad Douriff
                  Josh Hartnett
                  Milla Jovovich
                  Heath Ledger
                  Christopher Lee
                  Diego Luna
                  Gary Oldman
                  Max Pirkis
                  Brad Pitt
                  Tilda Swinton ([expired link])
                  Uma Thurman
                  Stuart Townsend ([expired link])

                • Madeleine Stowe

                • Orlando Bloom (?)
                  Henry Rollins

                Lords of Law

                • Keira Knightley

                Elemental Lords

                Straasha (water)
                • James Cosmo
                  Ian McKellen ([expired link])

                Grome (earth)
                • Gabriel Byrne
                  Thomas Ian Griffith
                  Arnold Schwarzenegger

                Beast Lords

                Meerclar (cats)
                • Johnny Depp ([expired link])

                Nnuuurrrr'c'c' (insects)
                • Thomas Ian Griffith
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                • #9
                  JAGREEN LERN
                  • Russell Crowe
                    Timothy Hutton
                    James Earl Jones
                    Ian McShane
                    Gary Oldman
                    Alan Rickman
                    Michael Rosenbaum
                    Rufus Sewell
                    Michael Wincott


                  • #10
                    THELEB K'AARNA
                    • Tim Curry
                      Colin Farrell
                      Crispin Glover
                      Gary Oldman
                      Rufus Sewell
                      Ben Stiller
                      David Suchet
                      Stuart Townsend
                      Hugo Weaving


                    • #11
                      • Eric Bana
                        George Clooney
                        Sean Connery
                        Willem Dafoe
                        Johnny Depp M (
                        [link expired])
                        Taye Diggs
                        Ralph Fiennes
                        Ioan Gruffudd
                        Rutger Hauer
                        Robert Patrick
                        Kevin Spacey
                        Ben Stiller
                        Ray Winstone

                      A surprisingly short list for such a popular character...

                      Connery and Hauer are likely too old...


                      • #12
                        DYVIM TVAR and DYVIM SLORM

                        • Sean Bean
                          Brian Blessed
                          Kevin Branagh
                          Robert Duvall
                          Michael Keaton
                          Malcom McDowell
                          Viggo Mortensen
                          Liam Neeson
                          Craig Parker
                          Michael Wincott
                          Peter Wingfield

                        ... and son...
                        • James Marsters
                          Everett McGill
                          Kevin McKidd
                          Ray Park
                          Robert Patrick
                          Jأ¼rgen Prochnow
                          John Saxon


                        • #13
                          DR. JEST
                          • Jeffrey Combs
                            Benicio del Toro
                            Anthony Hopkins
                            Jeremy Irons
                            David Patrick Kelly
                            Charles Krauthammer
                            Richard O'Brien
                            Christopher Walken


                          • #14
                            • David Bowie
                              David Carradine
                              James Cromwell
                              Ben Kingsley
                              Malcom McDowell
                              Stewart Patrick
                              Wayne Pygram
                              Max von Sydow


                            • #15
                              • Monica Bellucci
                                Halle Berry
                                Maria Grazia Cucinotta
                                Alison Doody
                                Diane Kruger
                                Lucy Lawless
                                Lucy Liu
                                Eva Mendez
                                Julia Stiles
                                Madeleine Stowe
                                Leonor Varela

                              A suprisingly short list for a character who Mike suggests will have a major role in the (first) movie... "Yishana gets a larger role" ... "the Young Kingdoms will be represented by Yishana".